The Last Lady of Lună, Season 2 Cover

A woman sits with her back to the viewer looking at an oversized moon. An image of dried, cracked earth is superimposed over the image.

I was a child when enemies destroyed our clan. My mother escaped and raised me in secret. Without my fathers’ blood, she aged and died. Now I am the last head of the Lună vampire clan. My enemies think I am dead, my clan is scattered to the winds, and I am starting to come into my powers. I will claim my birthright, rebuild my clan, and destroy our enemies. I’m just going to need a bit of help.

Luckily, I knew where to find it. A hot team of human mercenaries specializing in security have sworn themselves to me. We’re finally learning to understand each other, and good thing we are — because I have unknown allies in my home and enemies at my door. Now we need to survive, learn to work together, and rain hell on our enemies.

And if Lună is still watching out for me, maybe I’ll finally get laid.

Season 2 of The Last Lady of Lună starts now.

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