This is the main entrance to my digital spaces, which I think of as my digital garden. Like most gardens, these spaces aren’t organized in a neat linear or chronological presentation. It is designed for wandering. Exploring. Ambling.

Each section leads to another section, like paths through a large garden — or like chapters in a ‘choose your own adventure book’. (Except there is no ‘the end’.)

The centerpiece of this garden, the point everything else spreads out from, is

Alexi’s Tale: A Transgender Fairytale

And if this is your first visit, I encourage you to start there.

If you’re a repeat visitor (glad to ‘see’ you back!), my newest ‘plantings’ are

On Queer Fiction


How can relationships deal with the issue of grudging consent?

Part of this garden are the fiction webserials that publish Tuesdays and Fridays.

The current stories are The Bargain Season 2 (kinky aromantic fantasy) and What You Will Season 2 (Shakespeare, queered). Click the links to start at the beginning, or scroll to the bottom of the page for the most recent updates.

Other areas of interest:

Autistic Answers

Polyamory on Purpose Archives

Pollinator’s Corner


The garden is small, but growing. Please visit again soon or find me on the Fediverse.