polyamory and kink ebook coverNew Release: Polyamory and Kink

Lots of polyamorous people are kinky. And lots of kinky people are nonmonogamous. But not everyone knows how to make polyamory and kink fit together.
If you’re interested in adding kink to your polycule or have a kinky partner and want to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding, this book is for you.
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Hi, I’m Jess Mahler. Thanks for stopping by!

I mostly write polyamory nonfic and fantasy fiction. I’ve got some other random stuff floating around as well. My best known work is my Polyamory on Purpose blog. The blog is retired, but the archive is still available.

Links to my books and other work below.

The Polyamory on Purpose Guides

Polyamory and Pregnancy

The Polyamorous Home

Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous

Polyamory and Kink

Abuse in Polyamory — coming July 2021

Have another polyamory-related topic you’d like to read about? Let me know!


My fiction tends to focus on family and self-identity. Expect nonmonogamy, kink, and queer.

The Bargain – Sometimes what starts as a bargain, becomes something more. Fantasy novel.

Whips & Fangs – Enter the fantastical world of kink, and the kinky world of fantasy. Short story collection.

Short Stories – Several short stories, mostly more kinky fantasy.

How NOT to Save the World A ‘troperific’ webserial about an evil overlord and his quest to save the Earth. Currently on LONG term hiatus, but hopefully coming back soon.

New Blog Stuff

I’ve recently turned a corner on my blog. I’m focusing on essays on (and challenging assumptions/misinformation about) Judaism, polyamory, and autism. Three things that are critical to my identity and the way I interact with the world.

Where with the Polyamory on Purpose blog I was writing specifically for polyamorous folks, with these posts I’m writing for a more general audience. So you don’t need to be Jewish, polyamorous, or autistic to get something out of them. At least, that’s the goal. We’ll see how it goes.

Old Blog Stuff

If you are interested in my ‘navel gazing‘ for the past couple years, aka my blogging about life goals and related shit, you can find that too.

Want More?

There’s some other odds and ends you can find if you dig around the dusty corners. If you want in on my upcoming projects, check out my Patreon.