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My digital garden is a bit overgrown and in need of tending, but there is still lots to see. Some spots to check out:

Alexi’s Tale: A Transgender Fairytale— the center of the garden. a piece I wrote as a gift for a friend, when I was still learning what ‘transgender’ meant and had no clue it might include me

Pennsylvania Coal Country: Biomes You’ve Never Heard Of What Is Harm?, and Emergency Prep 101: Go-Bags are the newest ‘permanent plantings’

‘Permanent Plantings’ by year:
2022 Essays List
2023 Essays List

You can usually find something new and interesting in the Webserials section — The Bargain season 3 just started posting and Planting Life season 3 resumes next week.

Other areas of interest:

Polyamory on Purpose Archives

Pollinator’s Corner


The garden is small, but growing.

Offsite sections of the garden include my Fediverse corner (mostly followers only) and Tumblr blog; my Substack newsletter (early access for the webserials); and a much neglected Ko-fi.