Jess Mahler FanFiction Policy

I doubt I’ll need a fanfic policy anytime soon, but better to be prepared, right?

So here’s the gist:

1) I love fanfiction, I don’t need the legal or emotional headaches that can come with fanfiction writers being assholes.

2) Credit me.

3) If another creator doesn’t allow fanfiction of their stuff, don’t do crossovers with my stuff and their stuff.

4) Don’t make money off fanfiction of my stuff. (It’s okay to link to your Patreon or Kofi on the webpage/Tumblr account/whatever, not okay to solicit donations on the webpage/post with the fanfic or have the fanfic on your patreon or Kofi)

5) Fanfiction of my stories/characters should be under a creative commons credit/noncommercial license. If you’re going to use my characters, you don’t get to get pissy over other people using your characters.

6) Please don’t be an asshole. Some of my stories deal with heavy/triggery topics or ‘problematic’ ideas. CW/tag appropriately.

7) I would love to see fanfic of my stuff, but I will not read anything that isn’t under a CC license. See point 1.
7a) If you want to share stuff w/ me, tag me on social media or link below, don’t email me.
7b) Whether I read will depend on my spoons and life shit. If I don’t, it’s not personal
7c) I will not comment publicly on fanfic shared with me w/o invitation. That means if you send me a link I didn’t ask for, I won’t tell you if I like it, boost it, etc.
7c1) Unless I need to yell at you for violating this policy. Please don’t make me yell at you. I don’t like yelling.

Bonus: Slash is awesome. Slash wars are not. Be kind to each other.