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My webserials run seasonally — that is each story is divided into seasons (like a TV show). Some stories only run for one season, most run for several. So there’s a number of stories here, most of them not finished yet.

Two serials are active at a time: one posting Tuesdays, one posting Friday. Serials are posted for free on my website, or folks can subscribe to the paid Early Access version on Substack. Subscribers get stories 6 weeks earlier and sometimes get a say in what happens next.

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Ongoing Stories

Top of this list is the two stories that are currently being updated. The rest of the stories are ordered by how soon they will be posting again.
Currently posting Fridays

The Bargain

Season 1
Season 2
It takes a rare and desperate human to deliberately seek out a fae noble. But rumor says that not all nobles are the same, and Mattin Brenson is desperate. Desperate enough to bargain with Countess Jahlene n’Erida for the highest of stakes.

Bargains with the fae are dangerous, but sometimes what starts as a bargain, can become something more.
Season 3 starting soon

Planting Life in a Dying City

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Left alone after a tsunami destroys eir village, Lefeng would have walked into the mountains and not looked back. But a child lost on the trails redirected eir course and another survivor plants the seed of an idea – a new family. Lefeng’s commitment to those ey comes to love will take eir to the hated city and a new way of life. But in a slowly dying city, Lefeng’s determination can only carry them so far.
Seasons 3 starting soon

The Last Lady of Lună

Season 1
I was a child when enemies destroyed our clan. My mother escaped and tried to raise me in secret, but without my fathers’ blood, she aged and died. Now I am the last head of the Lună vampire clan. My enemies think I am dead, my clan is scattered to the winds, and I am just coming into my powers. I will claim my birthright, rebuild my clan, and destroy our enemies. I’m just going to need a bit of help.

Luckily I know where to find it. A hot team of human mercenaries specializing in security is looking for their next job. They’re exactly what I need. Now I just need to convince them to believe me, keep my secrets, and rain hell on my enemies.

And if Lună is still watching out for me, maybe I’ll finally get laid.

Season 2 coming Spring 2023

Next Came Respect– New!

Sequel to First Came Trust
Coming Fall 2023

How NOT to Save the World

Season 1
Season 2
They are a plucky band of rebels, fighting against a tyrant who overthrew the rightful government and is supported by an army of monsters. The only problem? They think they’re the good guys.

They are family, grandmother and granddaughter. Students of Kabbalah in a world where someone could really create the Golem of Prague. They are done sitting back while injustice takes place around them. The only problem? They’re on opposite sides.

They’re just a kid, trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in this crazy world their father just took over. And their new mentor is trying to kill their father. The only problem? Everything!

They are coming to usher humanity into a new galactic society. They have the best of intentions, amazing technology to sell us, and know exactly what will fix all our problems. The only problem? If someone doesn’t stop them, they are going to destroy the world.

He has a prophecy foretelling his success, a dragon sidekick, and plans for the biggest battle station ever built. He’s going to save the world. The only problem? He’s the bad guy. Season 3 coming Winter 2024

Finished Stories

These stories are complete, you can start at the beginning and read straight through to the end. (Also mostly short.)


What You Will

Season 1
Season 2
Viola is in love with Duke Orsino
Duke Orsino is in love with Countess Olivia
Countess Olivia is in love with Cesario
Cesario is really Viola in disguise… or is he?
Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a very queer play, But what if you could make it queerer?

eBook version coming (tentatively) Dec 2023

Bound by His Oath

Reimund Swiđhun has it made. With the king’s blessing, he will capture Lady Mildthryth, marry her, and finally have land to call his own.

Lady Mildthryth Rúna has been fighting off would-be ‘suitors’ for months. She will marry on her terms or not at all.

Usually in historical romance, the too-independent noble woman is forced into marriage and gradually comes to love her husband and accept her subordinate place. Mildthryth has other plans.

Also available as an ebook.


First Came Trust

Lilah knew ey was dead the moment ey met the creature in the woods. Ey never expected eir doom to overtake eir siblings as well. A stranger on the road may offer salvation, but is it worth the price?

Also available as an ebooks.

Unfinished Stories

Stories I had to abandon for various reasons. Might be able to pick them up again in the future, but no promises.

The Price of Survival

Season 1
The wolves of Long Valley knew they couldn’t win a two front war, but they thought they had leverage for a negotiated settlement. A genocidal attack has forced their hand. The Pack Father will offer full surrender to the lesser of two evils. Now the pack will discover – can they afford to pay the price of survival?
On hiatus, tentative plans to resume Fall 2024


Season 1
Anonymous post to the Galactic Reddit AITA

I’m the captain of a small trading ship, and I have a problem. I have a ridiculously high sex drive thanks to that damn parasite from Verda, and I can’t afford surgery to remove it. I tried to control it, but I nearly destroyed my crew a dozen times before I found something that worked: A sex slave.

I buy a slave from people who are going to work her to death, give her good quarters, good food, and a percentage of each trading run. All I expect is that she be available for sex, mostly with me, sometimes with the crew. A lot. I’ve had 3 so far. Two saved enough to buy themselves free and got a nice set up on the world of their choice. The third kept trying to escape so I ditched her at our next planetfall with the clothes on her back.

We’re on our way to a so-called ‘Personnel Processing Platform’ to buy the next one. Am I the Asshole? 
Definitely picking up again as soon as I can fit it in the schedule. might be a while

Building Family

Season 1
Family is supposed to be natural. Spontaneous. Relationships are supposed to be born out of star dust and moon beam. Love isn’t supposed to be something you decide to feel. Emeka won’t wait any longer. Orli doesn’t like star dust. Andi always needs a plan. They are done with ‘supposed to.’ Together, they are Building Family
Cancelled mid-season