Taking Questions about Polyamory and Kink

As you may have heard, my next book Polyamory and Kink will  be out July 31st. (Or there-about for the paperback, because Amazon is annoying like that.) Anyway, for the first time in a long while, I’ve managed to actually do some marketing  for a book.

(Hey, look at that! Practically a real author, nu?)

Trying to keep going with a good thing — I’m going to do a bit of Q&A.

First, I’m inviting questions about the book on Twitter and Fedi from when this post goes like until 7pm ET.

Second, I’m inviting questions on polyamory and kink generally on Quora. I’ll have my A2As open for polyamory and kink until tomorrow morning.

(It may take me some time to reply to folks —  spooniess+kids+family shit going down [in a good way]. But I’ll get to everyone as quick as I can!)


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