Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous, Blog Hiatus, and Personal Stuff

I keep saying I’m going to start posting snippets from Safer Sex on my Patreon page. Time to finally get my shit together and do it. For the next several weeks I’ll be sharing sections from Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous 3 times a week. These will be Patron only posts and the snippets won’t be final drafts. So expect typos and such, but they’ve been through first round edits so the general content shouldn’t change much between now and publishing.
I am, as usually, running behind schedule. But if I can keep on my current pace I can be ready to send the manuscript out my sensitivity editor in June, for an early August publication. So I’m not yet at my goal of a book every 6 months, but I’m getting closer.
Re: the blog.
As predicted, custody shit has stirred up all my mental illnesses, so posting went to hell. Rather than scramble to catch up, I’ll be writing/editing posts as I can and holding them to build back the buffer I lost a couple month ago. Once I have a two week buffer again I’ll resume posting on the website.
And since I mentioned custody shit–let me just say that it is going far better (and fast) than I expected. Court in is two weeks, so fingers crossed!

It’s Time to Grow Polyamory on Purpose

Support Polyamory on Purpose

Video Transcript:

Before anything else, I want to say a massive “Thank you” to my current and previous Patrons. You guys rock, and your support has been a huge help both in my personal life, and in keeping the blog going.

What is Polyamory on Purpose?

Polyamory on Purpose is a website dedicated to exploring the practical side of polyamory. The side that has very little to do with jealousy and polycule configurations, and a lot to do with planning meals for 3 different diets and a couple of allergies.

So for Polyamory on Purpose has covered:

•Pregnancy in poly relationships

•Legal challenges facing poly folk

•Safe sex and STIs

•Moving in together

•The intersection of mental health and polyamory

•and much more

Why a Patreon Campaign?

When I first started this Patreon campaign, my family was in a really bad place and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep the website going. With the support Polyamory on Purpose has already received, the website can continue indefinitely. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to everyone who has made this possible.

My family situation has changed a great deal in the last six months. I now no longer need to worry about survival, which means I can start looking to the future.

Polyamory on Purpose has already helped a lot of people. I get emails, comments, and messages almost weekly from poly folks across the world. But the site is still only a fraction of what it could be.

Imagine a Place

Imagine a place you can go with information on all the practical issues facing poly folk. Everything from health, to housing, to legal challenges. Whether you are moving in together for the first time or figuring out how to divide common property as your relationships transition, you can find ideas and advice for smoothing the process.

A community forum or chatrooms where people come together to share their experience with child custody, finding poly-friendly professionals, or navigating bureaucracy. Where if you have a question about zoning laws or paternity laws, there are other poly people who have dealt with them before. A place where we can share our experiences and make our lives easier.

Now what if this place also had a resource library. Tools for creating your own wills, finding a place for inexpensive STI testing, and more.

All openly available to everyone in the poly community.

That’s what I want Polyamory on Purpose to be.

Let’s Make It Real

The same changes that allowed my family to get our feet under us are also making it impossible for me to continue my day job. So I’m dedicating the next year or two to Polyamory on Purpose. I can turn the site into everything I described earlier and more. With your support, when those two years are over, I won’t need to go back to my day job. Instead I can keep growing Polyamory on Purpose.

When I first started writing the Polyamory on Purpose bog, I knew I had things I wanted to say. Now it’s not just about the things I want to say. It’s about the things I have heard, from so many people, the poly community needs.

Where to Next?

The next major goal of the Patreon campaign is starting a resource library for the poly community. One place where you can find resources for navigating all kinds of challenges from setting up medical power of attorney, experts who can help you in a custody battle, and much more.

As of this recording we are $14 away from meeting this goal and getting the resource library up and running. Once the library is up, Patrons will get early access to new resources before they go public on the website. Resources suggested or requested by Patrons will get first consideration

Thank you!