Book Review: More Than Two

Update: Since this post was made the polyam communities have been rocked by multiple accusations that Franklin Veaux is an abuser and many folks have come forward to say that advise in MTT has been harmful to them.

Here are the stories of those accusing Franklin:

Here is a post by Eve, Franklin’s co-author and one of his accusers, about MTT:

Here are my thoughts:

Update 3/18/2020

Survivors have given up on the transformative justice process and published their stories here. As they rightly say, “Franklin published his stories so the world could read them and share in his narrative account. We are taking an opportunity to do the same,…”

Franklin’s Pod never made any official public statements AS a pod, but the survivors have collected public responses, including some from Franklin and his pod.

Regarding More Than Two, I have found Kali Tal’s analysis convincing and recommend folks check it out before buying.

More Than Two book review

A few months ago I was sent a review copy of More Than Two, the long-expected guide to polyamory by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert.

Folks, the wait was well worth it.

There are things I could quibble with, minor points I disagree with, but overall this is the best book about poly relationships I have ever read.

Franklin and Eve use straight talk, gentle humor, common sense, and years of experience to create a solid guide to along the journey that is polyamory. More Than Two has a great deal to offer both folks exploring polyamory for the first time and experienced poly-folk who may have hit a few bumps in the road.

In particular, I think the sections on rule, agreements, and boundaries is a powerful tool, and I wish something like it were part of the standard cultural narrative for all relationship types.

There are a few (very few) things I would have handled differently, and a few (very few) things I would have liked to see covered in more depth. Overall, this is an amazing book and I highly recommend it.

(Originally Posted Sept 8, 2014. This post contains affiliate links.)