Polyamory Finances Blog Series

This blog series will be mostly for poly folk living in entwined couples and entwined groups. Most solo and single poly folk will generally find their finances no different from any other single person. For the RAs, whether or not this blog series will be helpful will depend on your specific relationships and whether or not you are financially entwined with anyone.

Topics will include: multi-partner budgeting, budgeting for dates, emergency funds, house spouse salaries, retirement planning, and more.

Polyamory Finances Posts

  1. Financial Entwinement
  2. Polyamory: Who Pays for Dates?
  3. Budgeting for Dates
  4. Polyamory Budgeting
  5. Guest Post: How Separate Bank Accounts Helped Make Our Open Marriage Work
  6. Budgeting with a House Spouse
  7. Two Things a Poly Group Home Needs to Save For