Lesbian Polyamory Fic/Pics

Recently PolyLesbian on Twitter shared their frustration with how little representation of lesbian poly folk she has found in fiction. So for the next few weeks I’ll be posting links to all the ______ polyamory fiction and comics I can find. Not sure how many _______s I’m going to hit, but definitely gay and trans. Possibly asexual, kinky, PoC, and others. Feel free to contact me with suggestions. I haven’t read all of these, inclusion in the list is based on search tags, book reviews, and synopsis found on various book sites.

Here’s the (disturbingly short) lesbian polyamory link list, I’ll be adding to it as I find new stuff. Please add your own links in the comments!

SchpogArt webcomic — Lesbian trio finds some mistletoe. Due to being in a place where I need to keep my comp screen SFW, I didn’t check out much of SchopArt’s other stuff, but the little I saw seems like it might have more along this line somewhere.

Just some nice threesome pics

Forsaking All Others by Kathleen Knowles

Rymellan 3: The Triad by Sarah Ettritch (Debatable, description sounds coercive)

Big Damn Heroines Anthology, tagged “polyamory,” Goodread’s review describes one of the stories as “A trio of warrior-wizards…”

Jiai Jouwa series by Hildred Billings, tagged polyamory/open relationship

Third by Q. Kelly, Description includes two not-so-happily married women and a third woman who enters into a romantic relationship with them (amid time traveling insanity.)

Tales of MU, by Alexandra Erin, delightfully explicit fantasy web serial set in a girls’ college dormitory. I’d qualify this one as more pan/omni-sexual but most of the characters (up to where I’ve read) are women, there’s plenty of F/F action and lots of women in multiple relationships.

Horrors of the Parasitic World: A Love Story by Anya Schwartz, described as two women decide to open their relationship

Links are in no particular order. I have not read the majority of the books mentioned and am basing their inclusion on reviews, tags, and book descriptions. Links, with occasional exception, go to the location where I found the book. None of the links here are affiliate links.

Moving in Together: Wrap Up

I haven’t covered everything involved in moving in together, but over the past month+ we’ve covered a good range.

And one bonus “moving in together post” written as part of the Polyamory and pregnancy series way back the first year I was writing this blog:

Moving in Together

Next week I’ll be starting a new topic and Clementine, author of this awesome blog post, will be writing a guest blog to introduce our exploration of the intersection of mental health and polyamory.

The Long List of STD/STIs

How many STD/STIs are there? I’ll bet more than most of you were aware of. The following list was compiled through a combination of health related sites, including Planned Parenthood, the CDC and the American Social Health Organization. No one site contained all the STD/STIs in this list.

Links current as of March 9, 2015

If you want to keep up with all the STD/STI posts, your best bet will be to bookmark this page, so you can come back and check for new links.

Normally I try to keep this blog safe to read at work and around the kids. Fair warning: I will be adding pictures where appropriate, some of this stuff will be NSFC, NSFW and not something you want to look at while eating.