Squee! — Website Changes and New Writing Projects

So, if you take a look around, you’ll see a few changes around here, and a few more are coming.

The upcoming change is (as soon as I can) I’m getting a new theme up, because the menu on this one is just not well designed for anything except a simple light colored background.

And, well, that’s not what I have anymore. (See? Look? Isn’t it pretty!) I’m really happy with how the new header came out, and grumbled that I’m going to need to re-do it (again!) to fit whatever new theme I end up getting. But the basic design will be easy to recreate. Eventually I’m going to scrape up the money to commission someone to draw me a new werewolf. Something specific to me. But this one is pretty good and works for now.

And if you look to your right…

I’ve changed up the side bar a lot. I finally swapped out The Bargain for Safer Sex in the “buy me!” box up top. I’d originally meant to be changing the book there each month. Or at least every new book release! Hopefully I’ll do better with that in the future.

Below that I decided to put in some progress bars for my active projects. I’m really happy with the progress on Polyamory and Kink (almost halfway there!). Planting Life is going slower, but that’s, well, life!

Finally, I finally added a Patreon-button. (Want to read Polyamory and Kink and Planting Life now? Get all the awesome without having to wait?) The Kofi button is still there as well, if folks ever want to toss a couple bucks my way because my writing has helped or inspired them.

New Books!

Sort Of

Okay, so Bound by his Oath isn’t exactly new, in fact I talked about it a bit last spring. But it did manage to push itself to the top of my pile for a week, and grew over ten thousand words in that week. At this point I’m pretty sure that it will be the next novel after Planting Life. (Sorry Space Werewolves!)

Finally, I got bit by the inspiration bug sometime in August, mentioned it to Michon, and now we have a joint project! We’ve been talking about doing a collabĀ  for a while but never found the right story or the right time. Well, now we have.

We’re in the early stages of plotting out an urban fantasy take on Robin Hood. We are trying to stay as true to the ‘original’ characters and stories as possible, while, being us, queering the fuck out of them. For instance, not many folks today know why Will Scarlett is called ‘Will Scarlett’. When he first met Robin & Co. he was wondering through the woods wearing scarlet silk clothing. He was also casually carrying a flower that he stopped to sniff now and again. Robin underestimates him, badly, dismissing him as a pancy and a fop. And gets his ass kicked.

So we had a lot of fun the other night character building “Will, Divina de Scarlett,” who, after some years in Special Forces, never wants to see a dull color again in his life. He will without a thought walk down any street you care to name in makeup, silks, and an up do. And kick the ass of anyone who gives him trouble over it.

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