Sorry for the Silence

health shit, blah blah blah.

Chronic thing has gotten worsts, gettnig tests and shit done to determine treatment. I’m grumpy about it.

Some radical changes to life and schedule, I’m a lot less functional but prioritizing writing (for y’all, but also for my mental health. I need my fiction friends.)

I’m not going to get even getting anything out Friday, instead I’m going to put whatever energy I have for writing into next week and hopefully now that I have a new schedule and some extra support I’ll be able to get writing stuff back on track.

If I’m still having trouble next week, then I may just put the serials on hold for a month. Kids’ school is out June 9th, and that’ll free up a fair bit of time/energy, even if my health shit hasn’t improved.

Eitherway, I’ll keep you in the loop.

I did get a small amount of writing done. I got hit with a story dream, which is where most of my best ideas come from.

I woke up and immediately wrote down as much as I couldn’t so I wouldn’t forget it all. Then I threw the rough notes on up Tumblr, where you can check them out if you want.

Short version:

Epic fantasy with Jewish characters, background isekai, political bullshit, mentally ill characters, mother/daughter team in WAY over their head, and other stuff I haven’t figured out yet.

A stranded world traveller is forced to put her young daughter on the throne to keep her family from being swept up and destroyed in the wake of a failed invasion/coup attempt. While she fights for control and survival in the imperial burearucracy, her daughter is waging her own battle to control her destiny. (2 siblings, one an infant) and her lost husband, the rightful heir, is fighting his way across a hundred leagues of war torn countryside to get back to them before it is too late.

Tentative plans to add it to the serial rotation next year.

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