Snippet 1: Me and My Webserial from June 2022

I don’t remember why I started doing these, but they were fun and silly and I posted them on Fedi on and off through out June, then got distracted by the Smashwords sale. I’ll probably post some more next time I’m in a mental place to be a bit silly.

June 2nd

Me: I has successfully adulted.

Me: New rabbi is hired (yay!), kids passed homeschool eval, food shopping is done.

Me: I can be done for day yes?

Webserial schedule: Ahem.

Me: I can be done for next hour yes?

Webserial schedule: Fine, but I’ll grump at you the whole time.

Me: YAY!


Webserial schedule: It’s been an hour, time to get to work!

Me: but… but.. but.. dinner time!

Webserial schedule: grrr


Me: Okay, dinner is done, it’s time to–

Webserial schedule: Edit!

Me: No, it’s time to play with the Kid

Webserial schedule: *wails*


Webserial schedule: Finally! Are you reading to start edi–

Me: Writing time!

Webserial schedule: What? No! You need to edit!

Me: But I’m 200 words short of minimum post length.

Webserial scedule: The post needs be done before you go to bed! you don’t have time to write! it takes you at least an hour to edit and schedule and your brain will turn to mush by 10!

Me: 10:30. Writing time!


Webserial schedule: You still haven’t started writing.

Me: Yeah, well the kid’s bed broke again…

Webserial schedule: *glares*

Me: I’m writing, I’m writing!


Me: See? Done. I told you I could do it.

Webserial schedule: Awesome! You do work well under pressure.

Me: Yup. Still, I’m glad i have Monday’s post already scheduled and…

Webserial schedule: *looks*

Me: What?

Webserial schedule: *looks*

Me: I do have it scheduled! It’s the finale for The Bargain, and I know its…

Webserial schedule: *looks*

Me: … The Bargain finale was last Monday’s post wasn’t it?

Webserial schedule: Yup.

June 3rd

Webserial schedule: You need to write an episode of HNSW today.

Me: Fuck, I only got 5 horus sleep last night.

Webserial: Yeah? And whose fault is that?

Me: I can write it Sunday and edit it Monday.

Webserial schedule: Saturday night is the Shavuot movie marathon. You’ll be lucky to sleep at all.

Me: Fuck…


Webserial schedule: Nooo! You can’t stop!

Me: Look, it’s half written, but I can’t write another six hundred words of people sitting around talking. I need to figure out what next.

Webserial schedule: So write something else!

Me: I need lunch. And laundry needs to be done. Also nap.

Webserial schedule: *sighs* You won’t forget?

Me: Yeah, I promise.

Me: And, hey, we have the whole season for HNSW mapped out. That’s good, right?

Webserial schedule: Yes! I can’t wait!

June 6th

Webserial schedule: *snore*

Me: Aren’t you supposed to be yelling at me right now?

Webserial schedule: Huh? What?

Me: I still haven’t finished tomorrow post. I should work on that right?

Webserial schedule: What! Tomorrow? What!

Me: Yeah. I’m having trouble focusing, but I don’t want to miss another post, you know?

Webserial schedule: START WRITING!!!!

Me: No need to be rude about it.

June 7th

Me: Focus? What is focus?

Webserial schedule: Let’s put your music on, there’s a good human.

Me: Music is good…

Webserial schedule: *waits patiently*

Me: *singing along with Damh the Bard*

Webserial schedule: So… you had something to write? Hadn’t Benj asked Nastasia a question?

Me: Oh! Yes! They need to talk. Karen is done being patient too. And… and stuff. Right. Stuff.

Webserial schedule: Well, it’s an improvement…

June 12th

Me: Yes! Writing has been done.

Webserial schedule: Don’t stop! You’re on a roll! What happens next.

Me: I have to stop. I’m late to walk the dog.

Webserial schedule: But the story!!!!

June 13th

Webserial schedule: I know you’re having a rough day, but do you think we can get some work done? Deadline tomorrow.

Me: I can’t. I just… I can’t do an hour and a half of work today. I’m already into knives. I just…

Webserial schedule: Shh. It’s okay. Hey, so maybe you work on it early tomorrow and it goes out a bit late? That’s not to bad, is it?

Me: But I said I would do this. And I’m letting people down. And I’m failing. I’m failing at everything.


Webserial schedule: Hey! It’s okay. Look, you kept me going for a year and a half. That’s big! And you published a book. You’re doing good.

Me: But I’m supposed to publish consistently. That’s the rule. Readers don’t like it if you aren’t consistent.

Webserial schedule: Fuck the rules. Fuck all the assholes who tried to tell you how to do things ‘right.’ You’re doing good. We’re doing good. Okay?

Me: Okay… Maybe I could write a bit today?

Webserial Schedule: Just don’t push yourself.

June 15th

Webserial schedule: We gonna get anything done today?

Me: I don’t know. It just…

Webserial schedule: It’s a blah day.

Me: Yeah. Trying to write Karen on a blah day…

Webserial schedule: Karen doesn’t do blah.

Me: I know!

Me: Maybe Marcus? He’s sick. I’m sure he’s real blah right now?

Webserial schedule: We can try. Can’t hurt anyway.

Me: Okay.

Me: Blah day’s suck.

Webserial schedule: Yup.


Webserial schedule: Marcus?

Me: Yeah. *sigh*

Webserial schedule: You really should…

Me: Kids are going out to play after lunch. Maybe then?

Webserial schedule: Maybe. *sigh*

June 24th

Webserial schedule: We survived another week.

Me: Yup. Still no buffer.

Webserial Schedule: Two PTSD flare ups in one week, what did you expect.

Me: To miss today’s episode.

Webserial Schedule: Win.


Webserial Schedule: How long do you think you’ll keep doing this?

Me: Which this? The webserial or these posts?

Webserial Schedule: Oh, I know how long you’ll keep doing the serial — until you come up with a better idea or break.

Me: Hah! Which do you think will come first?

Webserial Schedule: Not sure. But I don’t see you breaking anytime soon.

Me: me either.

Me: So I guess you were asking about these posts?

Webserial Schedule: Yeah.

Me: I’ll keep going as long as they amuse me.

June 26th

Webserial Schedule: Hey Jess?

Me: Yeah, I know…

Webserial Schedule: Can I help?

Me: I don’t think so. Brain stuff making it hard to focus.

Webserial Schedue: Okay. I’ll poke you in an hour. Sound good.

Me: Works.


Me: I figured it out! I figured it out!

Webserial Schedule: You did? Awesome! Get writing.

Me: On it.

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