Short Stories

Her Broken Dragon Jess MahlerHer Broken Dragon

Long has spent months recovering from an encounter with dragonsbane. When Nia recalls him to her service, they try to return to the life they knew. But the dragonsbane has permanently weakened Long. Can he find a way to serve his lady, or does Nia’s life have no place for her broken dragon?


CN: D/s, trauma, newly disabled character, bondage, CBT, and a high diving dragon

his innocent victimHis Innocent Victim

When the town of Oak Grove captures a child-killer, they petition the fae lord Falthro to find his missing victims. But before the council will release him to Falthro, they insist he swear on the goddess to punish the prisoner for the deaths of the town’s children.

Falthro is oathbound, but his magic tells him the prisoner is innocent…

Set in the same world as The Bargain, but 500 years earlier.

CN: torture, slavery, character with chronic pain condition and a major moral quandry

Taming My Wolf

The Moon gifted me a wolf. But even for a witch, wild things are not easily tamed…

CN: D/s, depression, bondage, and really good mead

Zir Gift

[Not currently available.] Sci-fi romance web serial formerly hosted by The Cuilverse on Medium. NSFW.

One Hell of an STI

Included in Cuil Press’ Fantasy Twists anthology.

Annalise was having a bad night before her girlfriend texted in a panic. But the news her girlfriend has will change her life forever…

CN: gender dysphoria, trans character, boriqua character, unintentional consent violation, and too much tea