Area: Organizational, Daily Life
Type: App
Cost: Freemium
Find at:, available as a web app and on all major OS

Cozi is an app designed to let families coordinate their lives. Designed around “family accounts” for up to 12 people, the free version of Cozi includes a family calendar, shopping list, meal plan, to-do list, internal messaging and a family journal. The paid version includes several other features, but the free version is plenty useful for most poly-folk.

Each member of a family logs in with their email address and the family password. Once logged in, you can adjust your personal settings, add items to the calendar or any of the lists, create a to-do list, and much more.

For years polycules have been using Google Calendar or iCal to coordinate schedules. Cozi allows the same coordination for families who aren’t all on Google or iWorld. Features like a shopping list and meal planning will mainly be useful for folks who live together. However, they can also be helpful for coordinating your polycules once-a-week get together, or a two week vacation for long distance relationships. And the family journal can be a great way to stay up-to-date on each others lives, no matter where you live.