Raising Children in A Polyamorous Family Wrap Up

With some reluctance, I’m wrapping up the PoP blog series on raising children in polyamorous families. I hope I’ve been able to answer some questions and give some reassurances. I think I’ve covered everything I intended to cover. If you have any questions or concerns I missed, please contact me. I’m always happy to add another post or two! For now, here’s the complete…

Raising Children in A Polyamorous Family Blog Series

  1. Random Babble Post – For the Children
  2. Polyamory and Children: Where is the Research At?
  3. Polyamory and Children: It’s a complicated subject
  4. Polyamory and Children: Opening up?
  5. Telling Your Children about Polyamory
  6. Polyamory and Children: Introducing New SOs
  7. Polyamory and Children: Research Update
  8. Polyamory and Children: Legal Stuff
  9. Polyamory and Children: What do I call Mom’s Boyfriend?
  10. Polyamory and Children Guest Blog: Marmoset, Metamour and Ice Cream
  11. Polyamory Hurts Kids? Not in the Real World
  12. Laws and legal practices affecting our children
  13. Polyamory and Children: Child Custody Review
  14. Child Custody and Polyamory: Who is at Risk
  15. Child Custody Cases: How to Protect Yourself
  16. Resources for Custody Cases Involving Polyamory
  17. Introducing Your Polyamory Partners to Your Children
  18. Should You Tell Your Kids About Polyamory?
  19. Helping Our Kids Talk About Polyamory
  20. Talking with Your Child’s Teacher (or other professional) about Polyamory
  21. When Your Kids Discover Your Closeted Polyamorous Relationship
  22. Legal Options for Multi-Parent Polyamorous Families
  23. Polyamory and Child Custody (Guest Post by Gracie X)
  24. When Our Kids Face Discrimination for Our Relationships
  25. Meeting Other Polyamorous Families

The next couple of Sundays I’ll be catching up on book reviews, so if you’ve been looking for a new poly-related read make sure you stop by!

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