Questions about Raising Children in Polyamorous Households

Like I posted about the other day, I did a “taking Questions” session on Quora about raising children in polyamorous households.

I got 5 questions, which is the most I’ve received in any Taking Questions session so far. For those interested, here are the questions:

Are some adults in the family more involved in the parenting process than others? How is this split to most benefit the children?

What are some approaches to balancing overnight visits between non-nesting partners alongside co-parenting commitments?

In certain cases, it’s the parents’ word against that of the whole world. What should be the parental approach to correct a child’s misinformation on topics such as homosexuality or polyamory?

Do children raised in polyamorous households get bullied because of it and if so what do they do?

How did you talk to your children about healthy relationships?

I try to do a Taking Questions session on Quora every few weeks. So if there is a topic you’d like me to talk about, feel free to suggest it in the comments!

(For more on raising kids in polyamorous households, see my older blog posts here.)

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