Project: Medicine Garden

For several years I’ve been… I think of it as practicing growing plants indoors. I’ve finally been doing well enough to start expanding my single large pot into an actual garden.

Originally I meant to grow food plants. Lately, I’ve been having second thoughts.

There are several reasons, but a few big ones —

The needs of my family: At least for the next few years, my family can expect to be food-secure. On the other hand, our medical care is extremely insecure. Both my partner and I need daily medications. Can the medicine we need be replaced with herbal remedies? I have no clue, but I’d like to find out now when it isn’t an emergency.

The needs of folks around me: Among folks who recognize our society is fucked, growing food at home, urban farming, permaculture, etc., are popular now. Plus, I live on the border of coal country and farm country. As things get worse, medicine will be in much shorter supply than food around here.

What I have to work with: Right now, the only gardening space I have is inside my apartment. There are other options, but I’m not sure I’m healthy enough to take advantage of them. If I only have small gardening space, I want to make the most of it.

Medicine Garden Month 0:

Right now, I’m focused on research — what herbs would be best for my family, will fit in the space we have, can I meet the needs of, can I get seeds for, etc.

Of course, the danger with me is getting so caught up in the research I never actually start. I’m not going to be able to wild harvest any seeds until next spring, but there are a few things (like chamomile) I can pick up at the local grocery store.

I’ve overloaded myself on projects this month already, but I think one of my January projects will be getting at least two more pots going and rearranging the living room to get them the best light possible.

As usual, expect updates.

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