Polyamory and Kink

Polyam and Kink will be the next entry in the Polyamory on Purpose guides.

From the draft:

Like it says on the front, this is a book about polyamory and kink. More specifically, this is a book about making kink work in polyamorous relationships.

If you are reading this book, I’m assuming you have at least a basic working knowledge of what polyamory is, but may not be familiar with kink or how kink can fit into non-monogamous relationships.

As usual, while my focus is on polyamory, a great deal of what is here will apply to other types of non-monogamous relationships as well.

The truth is that most kinks can be added to a polyamorous (or other non-monogamous) network/triad/what-have-you without a ripple. Whether you and your partner decide to try tying each other up once a week or your partner has found someone else to tie them up once a week, it’s not going to be much different than any other hobby you might take up or share with a new partner.
But for many people kink is weird and different and OMG like 50 Shades of Grey?!?!?(Dear god do kinky people get sick of that book. No. Please. 50SoG has as much to do with kink as Grey’s Anatomy has to do with working in a hospital. Ask your neighbor the nurse what they think of Gray’s Anatomy and be prepared to get your ears blistered.) So I’ll take some time to explain all the stuff that might sound weird and strange so you know what’s going on.

Where kink and polyamory can have… interesting intersections is when D/s and other power exchange relationships come into play. Which is why most of this book will focus on power exchange relationships.

Goal is to release it late summer of 2020, but this is me so no promises.