Polyamory and Kink

polyamory and kink ebook coverPolyamory and Kink will be the next entry in the Polyamory on Purpose Guides.

Like it says on the front, this is a book about polyamory and kink. More specifically, this is a book about adding kink to your polyamorous relationships.

Whether you are curious about kink yourself or have a partner who is entering a kink relationship and you want to know what to expect, this book will cover the bases. Including

 — what is kink

 — healthy vs unhealthy kink

 — how kink will impact other relationships in the polycule

 — how to find and connect with kinksters

 — polyam and kink culture clash (and how to avoid it)

Available for pre-order on Amazon and other etailers. Publication scheduled for July 31, 2020.