The Polyamorous Home

The Polyamorous Home by Jess Mahler

The Polyamorous Home is the second book in the Polyamory on Purpose Guides. It is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other online retailers.

Polyamorous relationships challenge the way mainstream society expects people to live. Mainstream assumptions about who sleeps where, how a family manages their money, and even who lives together, fail before the sheer variety of ways polyam folks build our relationships.

The Polyamorous Home is practical a guide for polyam folk on creating homes and living situations that suit our lives and our relationships. Whether you live alone or with a dozen of your partners, friends, and family, you can create a home life that works for you.

Alternative living arrangements
Budgeting for dates
Moving in together
Sleeping arrangements
Prioritizing the individual or the community
And more…


Once you’ve done polyamory for years, it feels like no more books or advice out there apply to you since it is all beginner/101 advice. But this book goes into the details I was exactly looking for to prepare for my move with my partners.


I believe this book should be required reading as part of polyamory 101.

Louisa Leontiades

3 thoughts on “The Polyamorous Home

  1. (First; yes B Swangin Webster is my legal last name. Thank you mom and dad and ex husband) LOL
    I would like to receive updates and other information on this. (We unofficially met on Twitter) I am a member of a 42 poly people group in DC area and we meet every Monday for drinks, stories and laughter. I live with my boyfriend and his wife and have done so for 3 years. We are about to build another home together. (we built a home 3 years ago but I was new and didn’t get my needs met and our husband has decided he wants a do over; so onward and upward to a bigger home and more neutral space for us all.
    My group and I will begin snap chat video’s every week chronicling our lives The Real DMV Poly is what it will be called.

    1. It’s great that you have the ability to build a home that suits you.

      Looking forward to seeing your new series!

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