Polyamory & Kink Draft Is Finished! (and what I’m doing next)

With a week to spare, I finished up Polyamory & Kink. I am currently doing one last read-through, but by the time you read this it should be off to the folks who volunteered to beta-read.

I’m tentatively looking at a July publication date (but this is me…). Unless things go really off, I should be able to have all the editing and what-not done by the end of April. Formatting and such usually only takes me a week. So if I pushed I could have the book for sale sometime in late Spring. But I don’t want to push this time.

I want to give myself time to fight with Amazon KDP without stressing about a very-near deadline. I want to see if I can get a few review copies out to folks who might be interested. And I want to have it all done a month a head of time so there’s no more of this horribly stressful “OMGOMGOMG I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME” like with my earlier books.

BUT! Unless something goes wrong, the ebook will be available to my Patrons sometime in May. (Hint hint…)

So What Next?


Now that P&K is in edits, I’ll be switching my main writing focus to fiction for a while. Specifically, Planting Life in a Dying City, my bronze age low fantasy novel of strangers across three generations coming together to build a new family.

As you can see in the little progress bar over on the right there, I’m about a third of the way done with the draft for Planting Life, and if I can keep up the writing pace I’ve managed for the last few months (again, this is me, so that’s a big ‘if’) then I should have the rough draft finished by the end of June.

Because of the way I write fiction, my ‘rough drafts’ are a bit more polished than most people’s. Basically, I tend to do most of my structural edits while drafting. (When you re-write the same story 3 or 4 times, you tend to catch most of the big problems sooner or later.) So I’m *hoping* (and this is definitely a stretch) that I can also get the editing and such done for Planting Life in about six months and get it out ~ January 2021.

PoP Guides

In the mean time, I’ve got the next PoP book lined up. Abuse in Polyamory is in very early draft and outline phase at the moment. It’s technically on my ‘active projects’ list now that P&K is done drafting. I’ve got weekly goals for both writing Planting Life and editing P&K. Any time left after I meet those goals each week will go to Abuse in Polyamory.

Ideally, I’ll meet my writing goals for Planting Life and finish outlining Abuse in Polyamory at about the same time, at which point Abuse in Polyamory will become my main writing project. Goal is to publish one year after P&K. Wish me luck!

Long Term

My big writing goal has always been to reach a point where I could have three projects solidly underway at any given time — one being drafted, one being written, and one being edited and prepared for publication. I may (fingers crossed) finally be at a point where I can reach that goal. If I can do this — and maintain it — then barring the random life hiccups that are sure to happen soon or later, I can start releasing a solid 2 books a year, one non-fiction and one fiction.

And I will be a very happy author.

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