Polyamory Fics with Asian Characters

Honor Harrington series, by David Weber. Military sci-fi series set in the far future. Weber has created a series where no one talks about or cares about race as we think of it today. (The big “racial” divide in Weber’s universe is between “normal” people are and “genies” or people who have been genetically modified.) However Weber does detailed character descriptions for most of his characters, and based on those descriptions I (and other Weber’s I know) read Honor as mixed race with a significant percentage of Chinese ancestry. (This is actually more based on Honor’s mother’s description than Honor herself, but it’s also subjective until/unless Weber decides to make a big deal about it.) The polyamory in this series comes in fairly late. First we get introduced to Grayson, an entire world of patriarchal polygynists where we see that even though the patriarchy part is fucked up, yes, these relationships can be built on love. (Much) later, Honor takes what she learns from her friends on Grayson and applies it to her own life—though not without a lot of heartache along the way.

The Colds, by Michon Neal. Davis is half Mexican, half Chinese. Michon tends to write complicated polyam networks, do a good option if you want something other than the endless couple+1 and triads of most polyam fiction.

Grand Central Arena series, by Ryk Spoor. I’m cheating here. There is no polyam in GSA—yet. Ryk has been hinting as a polyam relationship since book one, book three is coming out soon and what started as a possible triad has…complicated itself as more characters are introduced and developed feelings for each other. Word of God is book four will finally bring the characters together in a polyam relationship. Ryk said “traid+” so it might be (hopefully will be) delightfully complicated. Sadly, unless sales pick up a LOT Ryk’s publisher won’t contract for book four. He’s considering self publishing. GSA is sci-fi a la the over-the-top insanity of the so-called Golden Age, but without most of the problems of Golden Age SF. One of the characters in the initial love triangle is half Japanese. (Also, major props for a series with a healthy love triangle. It’s possible, people!)

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein. Before falling in with Manny and his family, Wyo was in a triad with two Chinese men.

This post is part of the Minority Representation in Polyamory Fics & Pics blog series. If you know any other fic with Asian characters in polyam relationships, please leave a comment!