Patreon Table of Contents

My patrons on Patreon have access to drafts of my various works in progress. I’m doing a fantasy theme for patreon, with each level named after a different fantasy creature. All levels get to read the drafts of my active works in progress — the books I’m writing on a deadline. Higher levels get access to various extras, with the highest level, Werewolves, getting to see draft bits and notes for WIPs that aren’t on a deadline but will (hopefully!) achieve active status sooner or later.

A few posts, for various reasons, are public. Those are noted.

To help folks navigate all that, I’m putting up this Table of Contents for all those posts. I’ll try to update it at least once a month, but, well, this is me.

Patreon Meta

How’s the structure working?
Lots of Changes Around Here — public post
New Content — World Building Stuff — public post
New Patron Level — public post

Bound by his Oath — Side project, Werewolves only

Bound by his Oath — public post
Bound by his Oath, Part 1

Rob in the Hood — Side project, Werewolves only

Sample Post — Mason Jar — public post
Preface: From Robin Hood to Rob in the Hood
Rob in the Hood Status Update — public post

Polyamory and Kink — Active project, all patrons

Old version

Sample Post — Polyamory and Kink Introduction — public post
Polyam and Kink draft — Kink on the Edge, Edge Play, and Topping from the Bottom

New Version

P&K Intro — version 2
A Note on Terminology (For Everyone) — P&K
A Shout Out — P&K
What Is Kink?
It’s Not All About the Sex
Kinky People Are Usually Abuse Victims, Right?
Hitting People Is Abuse!
Abuse in D/s
Something in this Book Will Squick You
Introducing Kinks
Discipline & Dominance/Submission
Sado-Masochism (S&M)
Other Kinks
Nonmonogamy in Kink/Lean the Fuck In
Important Concepts/Limits
Important Concepts/SSC & Rack and Safewords
NonMonogamy in Kink/Because Incompatibility Happens and NonMonogamy in Power Exchange
Important Kink Concepts/Safewords and Good & Bad Pain
Kink and Polyamory? (part 1)/Play to Your Strengths
Kink and Polyamory? (part 1)/Watch for Landmines
Time for a CLoser Look at Power Exchange
Closer Look at Power Exchange/Multiple sections
Time for a Closer Look at Power Exchange/multiple sections

Planting Life in a Dying City — Active project, all patrons

Sample Post — fiction Planting Life in a Dying City — public post
The Enemy (Kolchais) (Old version, includes summary of The Lessons)
The Lessons (Kolchais)
The Enemy (Kolchais)