Nalbinding: #Yarnuary Week 3 1/2

Last week I was sick and got fuck-all done for #yarnuary. But the last couple of days I’ve been feeling better and buckled down to work on nalbinding.

Nalbinding is type of yarncrafting that even many crafters aren’t familiar with. It’d done with a single needle which looks rather like an over-sized sewing need. And you pretty much literally “sew” the yarn around itself to make the knots that form the fabric. The result looks a lot like knitting to someone who isn’t familiar with the difference.

Like knitting (and unlike crochet) nalbinding leaves a stretchy fabric that works well for clothing, hats, mittens, socks, etc. In fact, it may work better for socks than knitting because nalbinding stitches are flatter than knitting.

I’m in the early days of learning nalbinding and one of the main reasons I’m learning it is it is going to feature in the novel I’m currently working on (working title: Building Family). If you’re interested, you can learn more about the connection between nalbinding and Building Family here.

Anyway, one of my projects for #yarnuary was a bracelet made with nalbinding. Mainly because I made one kind-of by accident the first time I practiced nalbinding, and my partner liked it so much he wanted me to make one for him.

I don’t think he expected it to be purple though…

nalbinding(It’s a much darker purple IRL, not sure why it came out looking so bright. But you get the idea.)

That’s two yarnuary projects done. I’ll honestly be a bit surprised if I manage to finish any of the others, but I’m gonna try!

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