Minority Representation in Polyamory Fics and Pics

School has severely sapped my spoons. So we’re going to take another break from talking about mental illness. A year and a half ago I did a short series on representation of polyamorous/non-monogamous LG&T folks in fiction and art. I’m going to pick that series up again looking at other under-represented groups.

My goal is to share positive representations that are not fetishizing or stereotyping. Unfortunately I don’t have the money or time to personally read/watch/review everything I find. So often items on these lists will be included based on the media’s description or reviews. If you find anything on these lists that shouldn’t belong here, please let me know. If you know media I haven’t included, please leave a comment for other readers. Thanks!

Posts so far:

Lesbian Polyamory Fics/Pics

Gay Polyamory Fics

Trans Polyamory Fics/Pics

Polyamory Fics with Black Characters

Polyamory Fics with Hispanic Characters

Polyamory Fics with Asian Characters

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