Meadowsweet, S1 E6

Season Notes: This is essentially a heavy nonconsent/dubious consent D/s story set in space that’s as close to erotica as I come. If you are uncomfortable with noncon, explicit sex and/or rape, or fictional slavery, skip this story entirely.

Ezra and Skullfire were not happy. Skullfire being Skullfire, no one, not even Ezra knew she was unhappy. But she wasn’t.

And though they didn’t know it, they were unhappy for the same reason.


None of the crew had been happy with Zdenko’s ‘keep your distance’ policy with his girls. But the other three hadn’t wanted anything to do with the crew, so Zdenko’s foolishness hadn’t had any major consequences. Moira wanted to be part of the crew. From the beginning, she had put herself forward, claiming space on the ship and a role in the crew. Instead of just staying out of her space, the crew had been forced to actively avoid her.

Ildar had resorted to an old cipher system to let the others know that she’d gone as far as to hack the security system to observe them. They’d quietly agreed not to tell Zdenko or plug her hack.

In other circumstances, Skullfire would probably have kept her silence until after Ezra exploded. But as it happened, she was coming into her own heat cycle. She could have taken care of it in port, but the timing was too convenient. Zdenko decided right before they made port that Moira had healed enough from his initial attentions to allow others to request time with her.

Skullfire kept silent until after liftoff, then simply told Zdenko that she was going into her yearly heat and would like a shift with ‘the girl.’

Zdenko groused at her about not taking care of it on planet but agreed.

Moira was surprised and a bit… concerned? She wasn’t sure if that was the right word, but definitely not happy when Zdenko called her only to send her off with Skullfire. Still, she knew she didn’t have a choice, so she made an effort to be gracious.

Skullfire’s cabin was disorienting — the light was orange and reflected strangely off the furnishings and decorations. Moira stopped just inside the room and blinked a few times. Skullfire took her hand to guide her into the room. “Close your eyes. Your vision is too different from mine to be comfortable here.”

Moira obeyed and Skullfire wrapped a scarf around her eyes, blindfolding her.

“My genitals are much like yours. Will you be comfortable attending me? If not I can wait until next landfall, but it will be… difficult for me.”

“You’re giving me a choice?”

Skullfire led Moira to the large cupped cushion that served her as a bed. “I wished to speak with you away from prying ears. I have not previously made use of Zdenko’s girls, and would not have asked for you otherwise. I do not lightly subject a human to my preferred environment.”

“You wanted to… speak with me? I thought you all–”

Skullfire patted her hand. “You were supposed to. Zdenko has a great concern for your wellbeing and some… odd notions. Apparently, some humans suffer from a… Stockhell syndrome, I think he calls it.”

“Stockholm syndrome.” Moira rubbed her forehead and wished for something to bang her head against.

“You know it. He wished you to be able to leave freely when your time here is done, not to be tied to him or us by a… it is a mental illness?”

“Something like that…” Moira sighed. Every few generations for nearly a thousand years, some ‘genius’ dug up that old story to make a new award-winning viseo or other media. Moira had always thought it was annoying but harmless. “It’s a survival mechanism, really. And it isn’t anything like you see in the stories.

“So… the captain wants you to keep your distance because he thinks if you are friendly with me I’ll develop Stolkholm, am I understanding this right?”


“And if it wasn’t for his… for him, I wouldn’t have been isolated and alone the however many weeks?”

“Yes. Certainly, we would not have been avoiding the common area — for all I have worked to make this room comfortable for me, I am no more fond than most humans of seeing only the same four walls.”

“I’m so pissed right now.”

Skullfire patted her hand again, trying to ignore the shudder that rolled through her.

“Are you okay?”

“It is only the heat cycle.”

“Oh…” Moira licked her lips. “That’s quite a topic change.”

“You do not have to–”

Moira managed to move to her knees and leaned against Skullfire, pushing her back down on the bed. “I remember.” With her eyes covered, she had to rely on her hands. Skullfire’s tank top and cargo pants were familiar enough, however. “But under the circumstances, I’m finding someone asking what I want to be incredibly sexy.” Moira was delighted to find that the rough fur of her arms and back turned to soft down on her breasts and stomach before disappearing lower down. She sighed with happiness at the feel of familiar curves and folds. Skullfire moaned at the lightest touch and Moira grinned. “And I’m kind of desperate to play with something that is not a cock, you know?”

“Well,” Skullfire murmured, “Don’t let me stop you then.”

Moira didn’t. With gentle fingers, she explored and discovered. Two sets of labia, the inner long and full. A nub where they met that Skullfire warned her away from. The inner channel, slick with moisture that eagerly swallowed three of her fingers — rough and smooth by turns with areas that the merest brush made the alien thrash and moan. “What is it you need, your heat?”

“Orgasms.” Skullfire moaned again and her channel clenched on Moira’s fingers. “Lots of orgasms.”

“That, I can do.” Moira slowly pumped her fingers in and out, pressing up against one of those sensitive zones as she did so. Using her other hand to guide her she leaned down and licked the top of Skullfire’s slit, then opened her mouth wider and sucked on the inner labia. Skullfire’s taste was different from a human’s, salt and tart. Moira loved it, lapped it up, hunted more of it through the crevices. Soon Skullfire was panting, her moans growing into cries and her hips pulsing in time with Moira’s hand. She shivered and was still, gasping for breath.

Moira sat back and licked her lips, wishing she could see Skullfire’s face. “That’s one.”

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