Meadowsweet, S1, E4

Season Notes: This is essentially a heavy nonconsent/dubious consent D/s story set in space that’s as close to erotica as I come. If you are uncomfortable with noncon, explicit sex and/or rape, or fictional slavery, skip this story entirely. Sexism

After three weeks, Zdenko finally felt his ‘libido’ start to ease off and breathed a huge sigh of relief. The parasite hadn’t ridden him this hard since he’d bought his first girl. Or course, he’d been stubborn this time, waited longer than he should have, hoping he could find another option.

So now his dick was so sore he could barely stand wearing clothing, never mind put it in anything. Moira wasn’t quite as bad off — once she started insisting on giving him oral, she got to switch holes whenever she started getting too sore. She still winced when she sat down and was a bit hoarse most mornings.

She’s also taken to avoiding the captain as much as possible, not that Zdenko blamed her. He kept things as clinical as possible. No reason to fool himself — or worse, her — into thinking she was more than a set of holes for him to use. He took enough away from his girls. No way would he make them fall in love with him into the bargain…

Moira, for her part, wasn’t avoiding the captain so much as trying to pin down the other crew. Granted, it wasn’t like she needed to avoid the captain. He was either in his room or the bridge.

The rest of the crew seemed to be everywhere — else. If she walked into a room with someone, a few minutes later, they’d be walking out. If she started a conversation, she’d get a couple of awkward replies, and then they’d make excuses.

The problem was that the times she had one of them trapped — at the medic station — Ezra and Efe had both been relaxed and talkative. Until suddenly, they weren’t. In a split second, they’d go from cheerfully chatting to awkward — she’d swear /embarrassed/ — silence and (again) escape as quickly as possible.

At first, she hadn’t paid it much mind. The captain had kept her too occupied to really notice. But as his demands lessened, her curiosity increased.

When they landed on Barrett’s World, she still hadn’t found any answers.

Zdenko didn’t think much of it when Moira asked for permission to visit the planet. After being trapped in a flying tin can for a month, most people wanted off. She hadn’t gotten paid yet — none of them had. But she had that bit of starting cash Vanessa had left her. Even on Barrett’s World, there would be something to buy.

So once their old cargo was unloaded, Zdenko asked Ildar to guard Moira while she explored a bit. What happened next was food for gossip and speculation from Barret’s World to Plendine.

“She what?”

“Spent the day at the library,” Ildar repeated.

Efe shook her head and took a drink of moonshine. “I didn’t know Barrett’s World /had/ a library.”

“Apparently, they do. Or they call it that. One room with hundred old-fashioned pulp books and a data reader older than the /Meadowsweet/.”

Ezra chuckled. “My sister was like that. No matter where we were, made a straight run for the library.”

“How’d she even find it?” Zdenko couldn’t wrap his head around it. At all.

“She went right up to the first person she saw and asked for the nearest town hall. Went there and asked for the library.” Ildar shook his head. “Wearing nothing but those boy shorts you gave her and enough determination to bowl over three government officials on her way there.

“I swear she had some kind of passcode because after getting blocked every inch of the way when we actually got to the library, she whispered something to the librarian, and suddenly all doors were open to her.”


“What’d she do there?”

“What do you think? She read. Well, and copied. I swear she scanned a half dozen books into that little datapad you gave her. Probably tucked up in your room reading them right now. I took a look at some of it, weird stuff. History of the colony, records of births and deaths, some priest type pontificating on a plague that happened after landing and it made the holy rollers holier.”

“Who is she?”

Zdenko cut the conversation off. “She’s mine now. Nothing else matters. She wants to read up on weird colony plagues from 200 years ago, let her. Keeps her out of trouble.”

Of course, they didn’t stop talking about it. Space is boring. Living with the same people in a tin can in space gets old. Moira had been another stranger they had to put up with. Now she was a /mystery/.

But they were careful not to talk too much when Zdenko was around. And they still tried to stay out of Moira’s way. None of them would think of asking for services yet — those who’d be interested. She needed more time to heal. And Zdenko had firm rules about non-sexual fraternizing with the girls. Foolish rules, if you asked the rest of the crew. Ildar would go on at length about it if given a chance. But Zdenko’s rules. So they abided as best they could.

Moira had a mystery of her own to solve. Well, two, but priorities.

By the time they were two weeks out of Barrett’s World, the captain had settled into a reasonable twice-a-day schedule. That left Moira plenty of time for reading. That their first stop had been Barrett’s World had been a bit of luck for her. You wouldn’t think it, but the ‘holy rollers’ were a great source of certain kinds of information. If there was anything known that could make a man have sex a dozen times a day (whether he wanted to or not), the rollers would know it and condemn it. At length.

Plus, she had a paper to work on. “Case study of the social dynamics of an intersystem freighter” had a nice ring to it.

Unethical as hell, since she hadn’t asked any of their permission to do a case study. But under the circumstances, she really didn’t care. And it wasn’t like any of them had stayed still long enough for her to ask.

Maybe when she was done, she’d tell them about the problems with the ship security. Some of her undergrads would have hacked their system in a split second. It took her a bit longer to get in, but she only needed access to the internal cameras.

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