Meadowsweet (S1 E1)

Season Notes: This is essentially a nonconsent/dubious consent D/s story set in space. If you are uncomfortable with noncon, explicit sex and/or rape, or fictional slavery, skip this story entirely.

The 3Ps (‘Personnel Processing Platforms’) in the outer rim were not places anyone wanted to be. Not the overseers, for whom it was (hopefully short) rotation at a shitty job. Not the buyers, for whom it was a necessary evil. And most especially not the ‘Personnel,’ slaves really, who came to the platforms from a number of sources but mostly went two places: the gas mines and ‘entertainment’ facilities. Debating which was a worse fate was a common pastime. Those condemned to the mines had a shorter life expectancy, but the highest cause of death among the entertainers was suicide. So long life expectancy wasn’t much of a selling point.

Captain Zdenko of the Meadowsweet was one of those who sometimes came to the 3Ps to offer a third choice. In Zdenko’s case, he /did/ offer a choice — if a slave didn’t want to come with him, he’d send them back and pick another. But he was honest enough to admit that under the circumstances, it wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘freely chosen.’ And he wasn’t surprised that on his three prior visits, his purchases hadn’t been at all interested in telling him ‘no.’

Now Zdenko and the Meadowsweet were back for the fourth time. As usual, he’d spent the trip hating himself for giving in to his weakness and cursing the day he’d landed on Verda. He hated that he couldn’t afford to throw enough money around to buy everyone free and get the hell out of there.

Or maybe stage a jailbreak. Ezra would get behind that. Bust down the doors, kill some shitheads, load up everyone they could on the Meadowsweet…

But ‘everyone they could’ would be maybe ten folks tops before the life support gave out. Then they’d be hunted down by governments, corporations, /and/ pirates and he’d end up right back here… on the inside of the cells.

So instead, he was one of the shitheads.

He gave his usual requirements to the overseer who met him, turned down the pro-forma offer of a beverage, and waited with as much patience as he could manage.

A few minutes later, the shithead return leading a naked woman. Redhead (natural), who squinted like she needed glasses, carried at least 50 extra pounds, and jug-handle ears. She had a limp, but nothing so bad it would interfere with her ‘duties.’ Her name was Moira.

Moira wasn’t in hell. She knew that. Hell was what came next. But that didn’t keep it from feeling like hell. Still, she kept her head up and her stride steady as she followed the overseer into the small room where Zdenko waited.

She hated him immediately, like she hated all of them. But she knew he might be her ticket out of hell. So she bit her tongue, kept her eyes off him, and waited with as much patience as she could manage.

Zdenko sent the overseer out of the room, introduced himself, and asked her name.

“Moira.” He rolled her name over his tongue, liking the feel of it. “Here’s the deal, Moira. Anytime you want, you can tell me ‘no,’ walk out the door, and I’ll tell the shithead out there you don’t suit, and you can go back to your cell. If you don’t, then you belong to me until you can buy yourself free.”

Moira started at that and Zdenko grinned. “Thought that would get your attention. I run a small freighter, the Meadowsweet. You will be, being blunt about it, my sex slave.”

“Me?” she was startled into exclaiming. He, correctly, figured it was because of her looks.

“Not to be crude, hon, but one hole is much like another.

“Your job will be to be available anytime, anyplace, anyway. The word ‘no’ will have no place in your vocabulary.

“When I feel like it, I’ll share you with my crew. We’ll all try to make it good for you; blood and screaming aren’t exactly arousing. But that’s the most I’ll promise.

“If you do your job and keep us from tearing each other apart, you’ll get a percentage — /small/ percentage — of our trades. You spend that on what you want or save it to buy yourself free. Your buyout is what I spend on you today plus 5%.”

Moira wasn’t one to rush into things. Even less so now, when rushing in had gotten her into this mess. But… “I have no reason to believe you are telling me the truth.”

Zdenko grinned. “Nope. But what are your alternatives? You aren’t pretty enough to get snapped up by the entertainers, so that means the mines. If you take a chance with me, you can be free in five years. In the mines…”

In the mines, she’d likely be dead in five years, and they both knew it.

“I accept… Sir.”

“Good, that’s good. ‘Sir’ or ‘Captain’ is how you call me. Now turn around, bend over, and grab your ankles.”

She did as she was told, bracing herself for whatever he’d do. Inspect ‘the goods,’ she assumed. To distract herself, she quipped, “At least you didn’t say touch your toes.”

He chuckled. “Got a sense of humor, nice. You hold onto that Moira, and I think we’ll do okay.”

He opened up his supply bag and applied lube to both her holes. She shivered and bit her lip but otherwise didn’t move. Then he inserted a stacked-ball dildo into her vagina and slowly-but-steadily inserted a thin anal plug. She gasped and whimpered, not liking the burn of the plug.

“Not used to using the back door, are you?”

“No, Sir.”

“Well, you’ll get used to it. Now stand up.”

She obeyed, muscles twitching as the movement changed the way the insertables sat inside her.

“Here, put these on.” He handed her a pair of tight boy shorts. “Eventually, you’ll learn to hold that dildo in yourself, but for now, you get a bit of help.”

Already, the sensation of those toys was making her warm, making it hard to think, but she caught the meaning behind that. “Sir… am I to have these… all the time?”

“Unless I tell you to take them out or you need to use the head. You take them out, you wash them, you put them right back in. I got those just for you, so you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s gunk on them.”

“… thank you, Sir. Can I ask… why?”

“You can always ask,” he assured her as he repacked his bag. “Rather have you ask, just be polite about it.

“I told you, you’re going to be available to me anytime I want you. That dildo and plug will make sure you are always wet and always stretched… well, not /that/ plug. I’ve got some bigger ones on the ship but figured we’d start slowly. And for the most part, they’ll also keep you eager. Like I said, trying to make it good for you.”

“Oh… thank you, sir.”

He opened the door and walked out. She followed behind without prompting. Each step brought another burst of sensation, another wave of arousal. She shuddered, trying to imagine spending the next several years like this… and likely more and worse (better?) when the captain was actually trying. And she believed he would try. There was a note of pride in his voice when he spoke of ‘making it good for you.’

Thinking of what he might come up with when he was paying attention to her brought up a memory so sharp she froze. Cold fear wiped out every bit of arousal the toys had pulled out of her.

“Sir… sir, you can’t–”

He whipped around and grabbed her upper arm. “What did I say about the word ‘no’?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m sorry, I just–”

“No ‘just,’ no ‘buts.’ Do you hear me?”

“Yes, sir. Please, sir,” questions. Questions were allowed. Make it a question. “Please, sir, would you please not use vibrators on me?”

He blinked, surprised. “You don’t like vibes?”

She swallowed. “I… they don’t feel good, sir. The last time I tried, I had a panic attack. I’m going to be good, sir, I promise. I want my life back, and you’re the only one who has offered me even a chance at that.” Now that she had started talking, the words tumbled out beyond her control. “I’m not trying to make trouble, and I’ll remember to never say ‘no,’ and I’ll not cause trouble with your crew. But if you want to ‘make it good’ for me, I need to be able to tell you things. Things like this.”

She started out pleading, but by the end, she’d stiffened up, got some steel in her spine. Impressed, he nodded. “You’re right. And I never would have thought that vibes would be a problem like that. But this isn’t a conversation to have here.

“Once we’re back on ship, I’m going to take a chance to get to know you,” he palmed himself, “Because I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. Just straightforward sex with no extras. Then we’ll talk.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”

Relieved, she continued following him through the passages of the 3P. Each step once again increasing her arousal. She wanted to rip out the dildo and plug, to stop feeling when she needed to think.

Since she couldn’t… stars. She hoped they reached the ship soon.

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