Looking Back at APW 2013

Probably should have done this last week, but I came home to a different kind of insanity. Now that things have settled down, I have a chance to take a look back at my weekend in Atlanta.

First off, I want to a major thanks to the APW team for putting that together and having me as a presenter. It was not always an enjoyable weekend (ripping open old wounds rarely is) but it was worthwhile and I am glad I did it.

That said, once I got over the emotional hell that as my presentations, I did enjoy myself. There were some great panels,  lot of interesting discussions and many wonderful people.

I’m hoping to stay in touch with the folks I met, and really hoping to get to know some of the APW crew better. You guys were and are amazing and I can’t thank you enough for how supportive you all were.

Of the panels I participated in, I have to say my favorite was the Real Life Polyamory with Sarah O. and Noel. I think we put a really good talk together and I had a lot of fun doing it. Sarah and Noel were great fun to work with. My solo presentations went well (I think). At least, I’ve had a good response from people who were there. Noel also offered an amazing keynote on STIs. I’m sorry I missed it, but she got a powerful response and from what I heard she said a lot of stuff that has needed to be said for a long time.

We had a humorous (in hindsight) mix up with the book launch. Miscommunications occurred somewhere, and there was nothing in the program about the book being about polyamory and pregnancy, so… a lot of people who showed up were expecting a typical book about polyamory, and a couple people I spoke with around the con would have shown up if they’d known what it was really about!

Such is life.

I spent a fair amount of the weekend in tears – massive emotional overload. Everyone there was understanding and I received some amazing support.

Okay, I’m rambling here, not being as coherent as I’d like, but the whole weekend is kind of a series of snapshots in my memory.

I’m glad I went, and hope to go next year.

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