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Recently PolyLesbian on Twitter shared their frustration with how little representation of lesbian poly folk she has found in fiction. So for the next few weeks I’ll be posting links to all the ______ polyamory fiction and comics I can find. Not sure how many _______s I’m going to hit, but definitely gay and trans. Possibly asexual, kinky, PoC, and others. Feel free to contact me with suggestions. I haven’t read all of these, inclusion in the list is based on search tags, book reviews, and synopsis found on various book sites.

Here’s the (disturbingly short) lesbian polyamory link list. Please add your own links in the comments!

SchpogArt webcomic — Lesbian trio finds some mistletoe. Due to being in a place where I need to keep my comp screen SFW, I didn’t check out much of SchopArt’s other stuff, but the little I saw seems like it might have more along this line somewhere.

Just some nice threesome pics

Forsaking All Others by Kathleen Knowles

Rymellan 3: The Triad by Sarah Ettritch (Debatable, description sounds coercive)

Big Damn Heroines Anthology, tagged “polyamory,” Goodread’s review describes one of the stories as “A trio of warrior-wizards…”

Jiai Jouwa series by Hildred Billings, tagged polyamory/open relationship

Third by Q. Kelly, Description includes two not-so-happily married women and a third woman who enters into a romantic relationship with them (amid time traveling insanity.)

Tales of MU, by Alexandra Erin, delightfully explicit fantasy web serial set in a girls’ college dormitory. I’d qualify this one as more pan/omni-sexual but most of the characters (up to where I’ve read) are women, there’s plenty of F/F action and lots of women in multiple relationships.

Horrors of the Parasitic World: A Love Story by Anya Schwartz, described as two women decide to open their relationship

Links are in no particular order. I have not read the majority of the books mentioned and am basing their inclusion on reviews, tags, and book descriptions. Links, with occasional exception, go to the location where I found the book. None of the links here are affiliate links.

9 thoughts on “Lesbian Polyamory Fic/Pics

    1. Fanfic completely welcome.

      Folks, the above link is a Glee fanfic with a lesbian quad.

  1. This is kind of pan, but I recommend _Gossamer Axe_ by Gael Baudino. It is a little dated and not without its problems (some issues of PoC representation, and some coercion and violence), but it’s basically about a semi-immortal bisexual woman trying to rescue her female lover from the Sidhe. The heroine and her lover have an open relationship and both are portrayed as having other lovers in the book.

    I’ll see what else I can think of!

  2. Thanks for this. I was recently lamenting the same sort of thing PolyLesbian was, but about movies. I haven’t looked at books for this sort of content before and am excited to check these out. It’d be nifty if you could include films in this too, or do another one on films. There seems to be a huge gap in films that have successful poly romances that include at least one woman with another woman romantically and/or sexually. (I’m excluding the porn types of things that are just about the sex here).

    I organize a local poly meetup and we’d decided we wanted to do movie nights so I was looking for some poly films that ended well or were at least not a good example why poly doesn’t work and why it’s a bad idea to even try. So many times I’ve seen movies that cover the topic of non-monogamy only to find it’s really saying that it can’t work in various ways (sometimes humorous). That has its place, but I’d really love to see movies and books where it is working or does end up working and get a happily ever after sort of ending from time to time too, ya’ know? I understand that these books could be similar, but it’s a whole new world in that way.

    There was a film I saw a few years back, but I can’t remember it’s name and can’t find it. I had it in my Netflix instant play list, but apparently they don’t offer it anymore or they took it out of my list otherwise. It was an indie film about a female couple who were exploring non-monogamy by dating others apart from each other and doing some BDSM in the mix. It was kinda’ overacted and campy in that way, but it was also kinda’ cute. One of them liked to be a princess and the other liked to be a ship captain, and the princess would say, “Captain, my Captain!” and they had a whole thing that worked for them. I don’t remember how it ended, but I think it ended well enough. I’d love to see it again and show it at our movie night.

    1. You are very welcome.

      I’m not much of a movie person. I have some auditory sensitivities that make watching movies, tv, and YouTube videos difficult. I’m not sure I’d know where to start, looking for movies with a poly theme.

      While most of these have been added to my “to read” list, I haven’t gotten to most of them, so I can’t promise they won’t have disappointing endings. On the other hand the books are mostly classified as romance which means you can expect some sort of “happily ever after.” And I can all but promise that Tales of Mu (if it ever ends) will never end with non-monogamy not working. Talk about a writer who really ENJOYS their f/f/f…. romance and erotica!

  3. Do fanfics count? I write mostly lesbian fanfics and have just started writing poly lesbian/bi fanfics. Only two so far but I gave two more planned.

    1. Fanfics totally count! Please share. (Especially if you have and with the Wives from Road Fury! 😀 )

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