Legal Challenges to Polyamory Wrap Up

At this point I’ve covered legal challenges to polyamory. Topics ranged from anti-bigamy/polygamy laws, to the lack of protection against discrimination in the work place.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court decision in support of same sex marriage, US news coverage has had a lot of interest in poly marriage.

There are LGBT people in the US who got married and immediately lost their jobs.

Nepal has issued its first 3rd gender ID while in the US trans folk struggle to get their id changed from one binary gender to another.

In a country where polygyny is legal, a polyamorous person is currently fighting a custody case. Polyamory may cost them their children. (Details withheld for privacy of the affected family.)

Whatever your opinion on poly marriage, whatever the legal status of polyamory in the country you live in, we need to remember the big picture. Poly marriage would be great–but before we can practice our relationships freely, all of these legal challenges need be addressed, in every part of the world.