The Bargain by Jess Mahler

jess mahler the bargain
Sometimes what starts as a bargain, becomes something more

It was supposed to be a straightforward sacrifice. After their mother was killed by Lord Oeloff, Mattin swore to do anything to protect his sister. When the fae lord came for her, Mattin traded his life and freedom to Oeloff’s enemy for the promise of his sister’s safety. He thought he was prepared for anything. Anything except what he actually found…

It was supposed to be a political gambit. Struggling against Oeloff’s latest ploy, Jahlene found an unforeseen opening in the arrival of the bitter Mattin. Bringing the stranger into her household was a risk. Trusting him was a bigger one. To protect her family, Jahlene bargained with him. She never guessed how it would end…


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“Seal our bargain, Mattin Brenson, so we can all get some sleep.”

He had no idea how to fasten the leather band, and no desire to put it on. But he refused to show his fear again. Closing his eyes, he lifted the collar to his throat. When he brought the ends together at the back of his neck, they joined seamlessly. The band tightened on its own. His hands spasmed as the leather pressed against his skin. I wanted this, it’s the only way… He raised his gaze to the lady… to his owner. In that moment, he hated her.

The Bargain is a thriller in a fantasy setting. The story includes non-monogamy, high protocol femdom, sado-masochism, abuse, lots of people with PTSD, LGBT characters, an aromantic relationship, and fictional slavery.

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