Is It Time to Stop Self Reflecting?

For the past two years or so, this blog has been an exercise in self reflection. But I think it may be time to move on. I’m not looking inward any longer. I’m looking outward.

That’s a large part of the reason posts have slowed down. I realized almost all my posts were about my books because I just didn’t have anything else to say.

When I rebooted my website and blog, I was largely lost. I’d lost track of who I was and what I was doing with my life the summer before and was only just starting to regain my footing. I’d lost some communities I valued and … well … I needed time to focus on me.

We all need time to self reflect. But the things we learn and the ways we grow from self reflection don’t mean anything if we can’t take them out into the world.

It’s time for me to stop self reflecting. I took the time I needed. I healed. I grew. Now it’s time to look outward again.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop self reflecting entirely. One of the problems that led to my needing a year and a half or so to really get my feet back under me was that I spent years so focused on survival I never had a chance to stop and focus on me. That wasn’t healthy.

Necessary, but not healthy.

What I’m hoping to do is find a balance, where most of the time I am looking outwards, but once a month or so I take some time to sit down and write a blog post about where I’m at and where I’m trying to get to and my progress on my goals and stuff.

But most of the time I’m going to be writing more the kind of thing that I had on the Polyamory on Purpose website. Just… not just polyamory. And not just focused on polyam folks.

Someone told me recently I should write a book about Judaism and misconceptions about Judaism. I demurred because I’m still learning and there is so much I still don’t know. Then the person who suggested it reminded me that no one knows everything and they thought I knew enough.

I’ve had similar suggests about autism. And of course I’ve been writing about polyamory for a long time.

I’m going to run with that. I’m going to start writing about these topics that folks have asked me for. But I’m going to write for a general audience. For instance, I won’t be writing about autism for other autistic folks (there are several people don’t a great job of that already). Instead I’ll be writing ‘stuff about autism everyone should know.’

And I think I’ll be hitting pretty hard on common misconceptions —  what many folks think they know but they actually don’t.

Anyway, I think that’s the plan going forward. See what happens, right?

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