Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me! (Have a Party Favor)

I debated a lot about what I wanted to do for today’s newsletter, and then a PTSD flare-up made it impossible for me to get any writing done. So the decision taken out of my hands (somewhat).

If you haven’t yet, remember to pick up a copy of Bound by His Oath on Smashwords, Amazon, and a few other places! And if you have grabbed it, please remember to leave reviews on Amazon, Smashwords, and Storygraph.

Many readers don’t know that books require a certain number of reviews to be included in promotional things like BookBub or Amazon newsletters, so reviews really do make a difference. A review doesn’t need to be long, just writing “I liked it!” counts.

I will be writing a sequel to Bound (sooner or later). The next story won’t be about Eveline — not yet. First we’ll be sooner how much more trouble Sir John can get himself into, and who might be willing to help him get out of it. Unfortunately, it will at least a year before we see that, but lots of other great stories in the meantime.

(Sometimes what comes out of my keyboard just reads so cliche marketer speak? Am I the only one who feels that way? Unfortunately, I can’t find better words, so moving on.)

Very few folks know that I originally started work on How NOT to Save the World nearly 10 years ago. At first, it was supposed to be a webcomic. Unfortunately, the artist I was working with backed out, and I ran into some plot problems, and it basically sat around collecting dust for a while.

I do still have many of the original webcomic scripts. Want to see how things have changed?

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