Group Poly Living: The Little Things

A poly home can be a very happy home, but apartments and houses (and the rest of life) in the US are generally designed for two adults and a couple of kids, not three or more adults. So for today’s post, here is a bunch of minor stuff, none of which rates its own post, but all of which is good to know before you move in together.

Laundry: Men’s and women’s socks can often be separated without too much trouble, but with two men or two women in the household they can be a real pain. Label your socks, divvy up styles (okay, I’ll buy gold toe socks, you buy plain) or find some way to figure out whose socks are whose.

You can each do your own laundry. finding room for three laundry bins on top of everything else will be a pain.

Bedroom: The typical bedroom is designed with (theoretically) enough space for 1-2 people to fit a bed, some dressers and maybe a computer desk. Fitting dressers and clothing for three or more people in one bedroom can be done but will result in a very crowded bedroom.

Personal space: Everyone needs some.

Computers, TV and Video Games: Remember the lessons of kindergarten–if there aren’t enough for everyone to do what they want, share and take turns.

Kitchen: You will run out of room for food. You will run out of your family’s preferred drink (be it milk, soda, juice, iced tea) faster than you would believe possible. You will fight over you drank the last can. Stock up as best you can and get used to running to the corner store.

Freezer chests are wonderful things.

Dishes are sold in sets for a family of four or two couples. Being able to buy dishes by the piece at Walmart or the Dollar Store is a god-send.

Keep track of everyone’s allergies and food preferences.

Wash the dishes. Every day, every meal, every snack. By all that is holy WASH THE DISHES.

Bathroom: Get used to walking in on each other. Especially if you only have one bathroom. Neither work nor diarrhea will wait because you both need the bathroom at the same time.

Extra towels are good things.

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