Downgrading Polyamory on Purpose to “Hobby”

Hey folks, for the last two years I tried to treat Polyamory on Purpose as a part time job. I put in ~10 hours a week between blog, books, and Patreon, set deadlines, expanded and added, and last fall pushed myself into burn out. At the time I blamed the burn out on new baby and did my best to keep plugging away.

But I’ve decided it’s time to stop and go back to letting Polyamory on Purpose be a hobby. I’m not getting books out fast enough for them to be a significant income source, and while the Patreon is bringing in money, it’s not bringing in enough to cover the time I put in. And I’m still not fully recovered from the burn out.

What this means for you:

I’m going to keep posting twice a week, but I’m not going push myself back to three posts a week, and Michon will be posting when zi has the time and energy, but not every Tuesday. Updates to “How NOT to Save the World” will also continue every other Friday, though I may need to skip some weeks depending on life and shit.

I’m going to go back to trying for one book a year, so Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous will be out in November, just like The Polyamorous Home was. I’ll start the next book, probably still Polyamory and Kink, in November instead of overlapping them.

I won’t be adding additional content to the Resource Library and I’ll probably be letting the newsletter officially lapse (it’s been unofficially dead for a while anyway).

And I’m not going to be linking to Patreon at the bottom of blog posts any more, though I will probably leave the Tip Jar and Patreon link in the side bar in case folks to buy me a cuppa.

So, that’s it, that’s where I’m at. Many thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me the past two years and I hope you’ll all continue to read and value my thoughts here.