Cuil Press: Creating Inclusive Fiction (and restarting the blog)

Hey folks, thanks for your patience the last few weeks. Another project of mine, Cuil Press, launched a crowdfunding campaign Tuesday, and I’ve spent most of the past few weeks nailed to my keyboard prepping for the campaign.

Cuil Press is a new publishing company offering diverse and inclusive sci-fi/fantasy and romance novels with a focus on #ownvoices books. For readers, we offer inclusive fiction that avoids the clichés and repetitive storylines of so much genre fiction. For authors, we offer a supportive and enthusiastic team who will get it to market without asking you to make it appeal to mainstream readers. This crowdfunding campaign is to cover our first year’s expenses so we can hit the ground running.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in supporting, check us out!

Now that I’m down with all the prep work, I have time to start posting here again. So edited posts will resume Thursday. Next Sunday I’ll be sharing updates from AMaP and after that will resuming the Polyamory Finances blog series.

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