AMaP Seeking Volunteers, Presenter’s List, and other random stuff

Hey folks,

Not doing too well today, so just gonna kinda babble a bit about where AMaP is at.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help with the con. Our initial volunteers post is still available on the AMaP site, and we’ve realized a few more things we can use help with since then as well.

Presenter applications closed in July and acceptance letters went out. We now have our full list of presenters and are working on getting a schedule set up. As a small, first year con we’re going to have a single track of events running Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. As an online con where people don’t need to worry about travel, we’ll have events and activities running through Sunday afternoon.

Tickets will be going on sale in the next two weeks. Unlike more in-person cons we will not be offering day passes, but because we don’t need to pay hotel fees, we’ll be able to keep tickets much more affordable than most cons. Early-bird pricing is $20 per person for the whole weekend.

AMaP: How to Run an Online Workshop

Hey folks, a while back I shared information on the Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory Virtual Conference (or AMaP for short). A number of people have told us that they are confused about how a virtual conference will work. To help give everyone an idea of what to expect, the rest of the AMaP team and I will be running events between now and November different aspects of the con.

Last week we ran a short workshop in Zoom, the video software will be using for con presentations and workshops. Our workshop was on “How to Run an Online Workshop”. If you are interested in either presenting or attending and want to see how online workshops and presentations can work, check it out here:

How to Run an Online Workshop

AMaP Call for Presenters

Accessible Multi-linking and Polyamory is a new online conference that will debut in Nov 2017. The goal of AMaP is to provide a place where people who cannot attend conventional polyamory conferences or who do not feel welcome at conventional polyamory conferences can come together to connect, to learn, and to build community.

AMaP will be using Zoom, the audio-visual conferencing app, to connect presenters with attendees. Zoom works on all major operating systems and can also be accessed by phone. Because of the nature of the conference, presenters and attendees will be able to remain anonymous while participating as much or as little as they want.

We invite you to submit a workshop proposal and share your experiences, insights, projects and ideas related to multi-linking in all it’s forms. The conference will take place in the cloud Nov 3-5.

Our debut conference theme is Silenced Voices. Whether you

  • have been silenced due to an unpopular opinion
  • from oppression
  • have been literally silenced by an injury or illness
  • struggle to communicate due to neurodivergence or mental illness
  • know about historical approaches to multi-linking that have been forgotten or erased

we want to hear from you!

Proposals not related to the theme of Silenced Voices are also welcome.

Full details and link to presenter application here.