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Some of you may remember Bound by His Oath. It was one of the first serials I released, starting Jan1 2021. It took a bit longer than I hoped, but I finally have the epub version ready for release. This is a revised and updated version of the serialized story.

Bound by His Oath will be publicly available June 21, 2022.

book cover  Grey lettering on dark green background: Bound by His Oath by Jes Mahler.  The 'O' in 'Oath' is oversized. Inside the 'O' is a knight in chainmail. He is facing away from the viewer with his head bent and sword held up inverted in his right hand.

There are many historical romance novels where the feisty heroine is forced into marriage with the alpha male hero. Eventually she learns to love and submit to her new lord, and they live happily every after. In a distant future, this story is playing out again — with one minor difference.

Reimund Swiđhun has it made. With the king’s blessing, he will capture Lady Mildthryth, marry her, and finally have land to call his own. Lady Mildthryth Rúna has been fighting off would-be ‘suitors’ for months. She will marry on her terms or not at all. On their world, a noblewoman is expected to marry and accept her subordinate place.

Unfortunately for Reimund, Milthryth’s people have other traditions. She refuses give up and be a broodmare for any of the knights and lordlings the king sends after her. And before long, she has Reimund right where she wants him.

For Reimund, the only thing more shameful than being captured by a woman is bending knee to one, but he will do what he must to keep his friends and followers safe.

Even if it means spending the rest of his life Bound by His Oath.

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