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It might not surprise you to learn that I like talking about autism. I like it so much that I put together several presentations to answer questions people ask (and should ask) about autism and being autistic.

If you are in the Lehigh Valley, I’d love to come talk with you and your folks.

Understanding Autism

There’s actually a video version of this one that you can watch from home (coming soon). But I’d love to meet with y’all and give you a personal presentation, so I can answer your autism questions face-to-face (or zoom-to-zoom as need be.)

‘Understanding Autism’ is the SEO-friendly title. The full title is ‘What Autistic People Want You to Understand About Autism BEFORE You Try to Help Us.’

Understanding Autistic People

Why do autistic people do that thing? What makes your autistic child so upset when the other thing happens? And why don’t most autistic people dislike ‘functioning’ terms?

Lots of folks have questions about autism. Let’s see if I can give y’all some answers.

Building Ramps: Making Your Space Autism-Safe

I like to say that being autistic is like living in M.C. Escher-world and wearing roller skates. Most allistic (not-autistic) folks don’t even notice the stairs because you aren’t wearing roller skates. If you run a business, classroom, event, or community space, chances are that your space is full of stairs for autistic people to trip over.

So let’s talk about how to recognize those stairs and what to replace them with.

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