Autistic Answers: Upcoming Events

Autism and Happily Ever After — Carbon County Libraries

The Lehighton, Palmerton, and Dimmick Libraries have come together to support a series of autism events over the next half year or so. The next event will be the presentation “Autism and Happily Ever After,” date TBD.

I, along with Melissa (Lehighton) and Rachel (Palmerton) will Zoom together from the Palmerton Library. Folks are invited to send in questions and participation through chat or phone is welcome.

Earlier events were ‘Understanding Autism’ held Nov 11, ‘Understanding Your Autistic Child,’  held Dec 9, and ‘Making Space for Autism in the Community’ held Jan 20th.

Other planned events include at least two social events, one for kids and one for teens and adults. (Covid allowing)

Email: for information or registration


Congregation Am Haskalah

Congregation Am Haskalah in Allentown has requested an education event or presentation about autism. This is still in the planning stages, check back for more details.

If you are interested in hosting an autism education event or autistic social event in the Allentown area, contact me.
At this time I am only able to commit to one event a month.

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