Autistic Answers in the Lehigh Valley

Autistic Answers in the Lehigh Valley is the best name I could come up with for me trying to fill a need. The Lehigh Valley needs more and better resources on autism by and for autistic people.

Well, the truth is that almost all areas need that. But since I’m only one person, I’m focusing on the area I can reach.

My goal is two fold:

First, to provide autistic-perspective educational stuff for autistic people and our loved ones who are looking for information, answers, and resources.

Second, to build autistic-friendly spaces in the local community. Spaces both where autistic people can connect with each other, and where we can safely participate in local events and organizations.

If you are in the Lehigh Valley (or surrounding area) and have questions about autism, being autistic, or, supporting people, I’d like to help.

And if you are an autistic person who would like to be part of Autistic Answers, please reach out!

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Why Autistic Answers in the Lehigh Valley on your personal website?

In theory, Autistic Answers in the Lehigh Valley should get it’s own website with it’s own URL and all. But as many autistic folks say, you can’t separate the autism from me. So for now Autistic Answers gets a corner of my personal website.

Ideally, I’d like to connect with other autistic people who share these goals and build an actual organization to make these things happen. When that happens, we’ll decide what we want for a separate organization website together.

If you reached here directly from my Autistic Answers work, you are welcome (in fact invited and encouraged) to explore the rest of the website. Just be warned that autism is not the only ‘weird’ thing about me and the only use I have for closets is storing clothes. If you find my identities or life choices offensive, that’s on you.

Also, I put content warnings on my fiction for a reason. Check them before reading.

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