People Are Awesome

There is no real reason to bring this post to the new site, but I want to leave it here as a reminder to myself and everyone who sees it that people are indeed awesome. Thank you again to everyone who helped me see my kids in 2012.

Okay, I thought long and hard about doing this, but I am kind of out of other options.

As some of you who have followed me a while may know, in December I lost custody of my children. The judge ruled that because I am polyamorous and poor, my children were better off living with their grandparents.

Shortly after that ruling, my partner and I moved down to Memphis. We stayed in PA as long as we had only because it was required by the old custody situation. We really couldn’t afford the cost of living in PA, and in Memphis we can manage (barely) on my writing income.

Unfortunately, because I ‘chose’ to move away from where my children are now living, I am responsible for all transport for visitation, or they are not able to see me. This summer, I am allowed one week of visitation. It is the first time my children will be with me since December. The last time they will be with me until next summer. If I can afford the cost of transportation.

My best option right now, is to fly East, rent a car for a week, and drive back to Memphis with the kids, then drive back East and fly home. In total, this is going to cost around $1200.

I’ve been trying for months to get it together, but we are really living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ (except that I don’t get paid anywhere near as regular as that implies) and every time I think we are getting ahead another unexpected expense crops up. I am supposed to pick up the kids in two weeks.

Right now I have about $400. My aunt (the wonderful mensch) bought be a round trip ticket for me to fly East and back home. I need another $500 to cover the cost of a rental car and the gas for the trip. I am not, short of winning the lottery, going to get $500 in two weeks, and still pay the rent, buy food and keep the electricity on.

So… I’m asking for help. Below, you’ll see a PayPal donate button. I know times are tough everywhere, and we are not the only people struggling to get by, but if everyone who has been following me on Twitter were to be able to donate $2, I would have more than enough to be able to pay for my kids’ visit. If you have anything to spare right now, please donate, and help me see my children.

(Donation button removed, thank you to everyone who donated)
Thank you to everyone who donates, and to anyone who wants to, but can’t. I’ll keep everyone updated over the next few weeks.

Polyamory and Religion Round Up

As my regular readers know, I’m finally fixing a lot of mistakes and errors in my early blog posts. The religion series was one of the more problematic parts of the blog as I was writing about religions that I am not a part of and in many cases have not taken the time to learn about in depth. I am seeking followers of various faiths who are interested in writing about polyamory and their religion. Until I can get better posts up to replace the old ones, the polyamory and religion series will be unavailable.

There are a huge number of religions that I haven’t covered yet, but I’m also reaching the point of having covered the most commonly talk-about religions in the US, and having trouble getting solid info on any others. Plus, personal stuff getting out of hand of late (as in my paying work isn’t paying and I have massive legal fees to deal with) and I just don’t have the time to spend hours digging into the background of religions I really don’t know anything about. So as and when I have time I may add a new religion to the list, but for now here is the “Not-Yet-Complete List of Polyamory and Religions”

(list is alphabetical)
Polyamory and Buddhism
Polyamory and Christianity
Polyamory and Hinduism
Polyamory and Islam
Polyamory and Judaism
Polyamory and Paganism/Neo-Paganism
Polyamory and Taoism

So there it is for now, as I said, more will probably come in time, and if anyone knows about a religion not on the list and would like to either tell me about it or do a guest post about it, please let me know. If you have info that I missed about a religion already on the list, please feel free to add it to the comments section or send me a message and I’ll edit as appropriate.

Also – I’m rather ignoring the holidays myself this year, given the outcome of my custody case, but I do want to wish a belated Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a good New Year to all of my readers.