Announcing the Polyamory on Purpose Resource Library

Last month, the Polyamory on Purpose Patreon campaign reached the community goal of $95 pledged per month*. So thanks to my amazing Patrons who have been supporting my work here, I am ready to launch the Polyamory on Purpose Resource Library.

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve occasionally included resources ranging from legal help to organizational tools to other blogs with good practical info on polyamory, and you can find those resources under the “Resources” category on the blog. Now you will be able to find all those resources, and many more, in the same place.

Like all of Polyamory on Purpose, the Resource Library will focus tools and resources that will help with both daily life and the practical challenges that crop up in polyamorous relationships.

Patrons will get access to the Resource Library January 18th. The Resource Library will be publicly available on February 1st. After the initial launch, the library will be expanded regularly—my goal is to add a new resource every 2 weeks. As with the initial launch, Patrons will see library expansions 2 weeks before they go public.

If you have created or know of a resource that you think should be added to the Polyamory on Purpose Resource Library, please let me know!

*Patreon has recently changed the page display so the amount shown is what I received last month after fees and such. So even though the page doesn’t say $95, that’s the amount that Patrons have pledged.