A Week in Crochet — #Yarnuary

For the rest of January I’m going to be using Monday blog posts to share my #yarnuary updates.

If you missed it last week, #yarnuary is a community-building thing for yarn crafters on Mastodon.

I’ve got several projects I’m working on for #yarnuary and this week I’ve made progress on three of them.

First off, the snood.

I made this for my partner, Michael and have actually been working on it since last Spring. Well, theoretically working on it. This past summer was not a good time for me crafting wise and I got pretty much nothing done from May through November. Then I lost my elastic so i couldn’t finish the snood until I got to the store to pick some up.

Anyway, it’s done now. And it will be a damn long time before I do another project that uses elastic. (The snood I usually wear ties with string, thank-you-very-much. 😉 )

Here’s a pick of Michael wearing it.

week in crochet

I haven’t had the spoons to get pics of the projects (and this blog post was supposed to go up Monday), but here’s updates anyway:

Next up is my blue-striped cowl. Progress has been made, about 3 more rows. I don’t know if I’m going to finish this during #yarnuary. I definitely would if it was my only project, but as it is I’m not sure. Either way, progress is good.

Of course, whether I finish in #yarnuary or not, the worst of the cold weather will be over by the time I’m done. But I’ll still have it for next year, so I guess that works, right?

Last bit of progress this week was a few rows on the surprise amigurumi. In fact, I finished the head.

Like the cowl, if this was the only project, it would be done by the end of the month easily, but I think I have a decent chance of finishing both of these if I just keep working on them.

The two projects I didn’t work on this week are the nalbinding bracelet and the parrot amigurumi. Having seen the pace I’m able to manage currently, I actually doubt I’ll get much, if anything, done on the parrot this month. It’s lowest priority for me which means it’ll only be worked on if everything else is done.

The nalbinding bracelet I should be able to finish in one sitting (I finished the first on in a single sitting and it was my first time nalbinding.) I’m still tempted to try a new stitch for the second bracelet, but common sense is asserting itself and I’m going to keep going with the Oslo stitch until I can stitch-while-watching something the way I can with basic crochet stuff. That way I’ll KNOW what I’m doing in my fingers. Then I’ll pick up another stitch.

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