What is ‘Polyamory on Purpose’?

Polyamory on PurposePolyamory is getting a lot of focus in the news right now, there are internet sites popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Endless discussions of dealing with jealousy, what poly-style relationship arrangement is right for you, how to find poly people, and on and on and on. And they’re great websites.

But there is a bunch of stuff I keep not seeing. Like, pretty much every polyamory website talks about the importance of setting up medical power of attorney. Which is great. I’ve never found one that gives any information on how to set it up or how it works. Lots of info on different kinds of relationships. Not so much on different kinds of living arrangements. And not one ever mentions socks (have you ever tried sorting men’s socks? At one point I gave up, threw all the socks in one drawer and let the guys figure it out.)

Hence, Polyamory on Purpose was born. To talk about the practical side of polyamory and how you can plan to deal with all the fun, insane, wonderful hassles of day-to-day in a polyamorous relationship. Cause poly is complicated enough without trying to figure out how to cook for 3 different food allergies and 2 different diets at the last minute.

Polyamory on Purpose is currently posting Sundays and Thursdays.

One thought on “What is ‘Polyamory on Purpose’?

  1. If you go to forums on the internet there are few that discuss things other than sex in a poly relationship. No mention of all the things you mentioned above. They all seem to just find a third who is not concerned about medical insurance or long term financial security. Sometimes when I read a post about a long poly relationship and do not hear any mention of the day to day issues, it is a red flag to me.

    We had a third for most of our 40+ years of marriage and after 7 years she went online to find a guy OK with her maintaining her relationship with us. She found a doctor and they had an undisclosed arrangement that provided him with a wife and her with a housekeeper and never having to cook at all. She got medical, life insurance and financial security. We are much older than most here so back in our time there were few if any legal ways to provide her with some protection and rights other than a will.

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