Introduction to Polyamory and Pregnancy

Like so much else, polyamory makes pregnancy complicated. From the planning to the delivery room, there are questions, decisions, restrictions and uncertainties affecting poly-folk dealing with pregnancy that don’t come up for mono-folk. From the figuring out who will be (or is) the father to negotiating the hospital rules (no more than two people in the delivery room is common, though not universal), each step will throw surprises your way.

Is pregnancy really that much more difficult in a poly relationship? Honestly, I don’t think so. The problem is that we know the process of getting through pregnancy in a monogamous relationship. There are hundreds of websites, birth classes, and role models to help with the things mono-folk have questions about. There are procedures in place designed around monogamy, and instructions to guide monogamous parents-to-be through those procedures.

Polyamory doesn’t actually make a pregnancy more difficult. Poly-folk just don’t have those resources to call on when dealing with questions and situations that are unique to polyamory. Which is a large part of why I’m writing this book.

Here you will find an in depth look at the way pregnancy will impact a polyamorous relationship, and the way polyamory will impact a pregnancy, from pre-conception through post-delivery paperwork. We’ll look at

  • unexpected pregnancies
  • deciding to have a child together
  • the way pregnancy will impact the relationship(s) you are in
  • finding (or educating) a poly-friendly obstetrician or midwife
  • delivery options
  • and much more

Whether you are planning ahead for the children you want to have, or are anticipating a new (and tiny) family member in the next few months, you’ll find something here for you.


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