Jess Mahler’s Fiction

Did you know I write fiction too? I’ve got a fair backlog of stories that I’m editting for re-release as ebooks over the next year or two. I’ll be sharing them here as they go up. Plus another novel in the works and plans for a science fantasy web serial.

You’ll find a lot of kink on my shelves, a fair bit of polyamory. I’ve got some QUILTBAG stories (that’s LGBT plus a bit), with more on the way. I’m a big believer in #WeNeedDiverseBooks and I try to back my words up with my writing, so you’ll find a pretty wide variety of characters–though there is a always room for improvement.

At the end of the day, life is the communities we build. Some of those communities are romantic, some are fraternal, some are just two people clinging to each other in a world gone mad. Family, trust, love, commitment. And what happens when those communities go wrong. So you’ll find romance here. And a lot of stuff that isn’t quite romance. And some that isn’t romance at all but at heart is about the same things that make the best romances.

-With werewolves. Everything is better with werewolves. 😉

her broken dragon Jess MahlerHer Broken Dragon (Short Story)

Long has spent months recovering from an encounter with dragonsbane. When Nia recalls him to her service, they try to return to the life they knew. But the dragonsbane has permanently weakened Long. Can he find a way to serve his lady, or does Nia’s life have no place for her broken dragon?




glamourhai Jess MahlerGlamourhai (Novel)

When the fae lord, Oeloeff, takes his sister, Mattin seeks out Countess Jahlene n’Erida, a fae noble who is Oeloff’s enemy, and begs her to help free his sister. In return for her help, he offers the only thing he has–himself. Lady Jahlene accepts Mattin’s offer, and he finds himself an initiate of a strange world where pain is pleasure, cruelty is love, and nothing is as it seems.

Mattin hates being a slave, almost as much as he hates and fears the fae. But as he learns more about Jahlene, he finds himself drawn to her, and her sadistic pleasures. As they race to prepare their trap for Oeloff, Mattin fights to reconcile his desires with his fears. Until he makes a mistake that costs him everything…

Zir Gift

Sci-fi romance web serial hosted by The Cuilverse on Medium. Will probably end up NSFW eventually, but so far it’s pretty mild.