Guest Posts

I think, over all, I’ve been doing a good job of covering n extremely wide range of topics relevant to polyamory. But no one can cover everything. So I am actively seeking two (2) guest posts a month. I want to invite other people to their perspectives on the topic of the current blog series, sharing different experiences, world views, and information.

I am currently seeking guest posts on:

  • Polyamory and Mental Illness
  • Poly Etiquette
  • Poly Finances
  • Poly Book Reviews

I can’t pay market value for contributions, but I am offering a token payment of $5 per guest post, to thank you for your time and help.

Guest posts should be 500-750 words long, but a really good post that is longer or shorter will be considered. They should contribute to the general topic under discussion, adding new information or a new view point. You may include one (1) link back to your blog or website and up to three (3) links to references. I reserve the right to remove any links at my discretion.