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I realized recently that I never created a comment moderation policy for this website. Until recently, haven’t needed one. Comments have been relatively rare, and the vast majority of commenters have been civil even when they disagreed with me or with polyamory in general.

However as both this blog and knowledge of polyamory grow, I’ve seen an increasing number of comments, not all of them civil. I’m putting my moderation policy in writing so everyone is clear on what to expect.

My comment moderation policy is partly determined by the purpose of this blog. This blog is written for people who are already polyamorous or want to explore polyamory and are looking for practical insights on making poly life work. It is not written for people looking to learn about what polyamory or for people who wish to debate/discuss the validity off different relationship styles.

I want this blog to be an open space for exchange of ideas. But there are limits. So, from now, I will moderate comments based on the following:

  1. Commenting is a privilege. This blog is my space and you are allowed access to comment at my discretion. If you have a problem with this, feel free to start your own blog with your own comment policy.
  2. Your first comment must go through moderation before being approved. After this comment is approved, new comments will be auto-approved unless you give me reason to revoke your commenting privileges.
  3. Personal attacks of any sort will be deleted and you will be blocked from commenting further.
  4. General attacks on polyamory or claims that polyamory can’t work/is unnatural/etc, including equating polyamory with cheating, will be deleted and you will be blocked from commenting further.
  5. This blog will address a variety of different life choices people can make, from having kids to being in the closet to religion. Different life choices suit different people. Some life choices I discuss may be ones you vehemently disagree with. That is your right. Do not criticize life choices you disagree with. This is not a debate forum and other people’s choices are none of your business.
  6. I have a life and do not sit around all day waiting for comments to moderate. If my mental illness is acting up it may take me several days to approve your comment and/or respond to it. Your patience is appreciated.

We now returning to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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